Hind Sabri Ajmed represented in the Arab world


Bossi Shalaby expressed his admiration for the actress Hind Sabri in the film Blue Elephant 2, describing her as the best actress in the Arab world.

Bossi Shalaby published his video on Instagram to share photos and videos of Instagram with Hend Sabri during their presence at the Venice Film Festival.

Bossi Shalabi said in the video: "I'm with the toughest actress in the Arab world, Hind Sabri Yajmaa, and God is hard, break all the description in the representation of the most beautiful and what I saw the film needed for look at him".

Hend Sabry will participate in the jury at the Venice Film Festival this year.

The actress Hind Sabri starred in the film Blue Elephant 2 with the artist Karim Abdel Aziz, Khaled El Sawy, Iyad Nassar, Nelly Karim and Sherine Reda. Written by Ahmed Murad and directed by Marwan Hamed.

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