High-profile Thai encryption case: Bitcoiner lost over 5,500 BTC – Ringleader fled to the United States

  High-profile Thai encryption case: Bitcoiner lost 5.500+ BTC - Ringleader escaped to the United States

A high-profile encryption case involving a well-known actor and model came to the scene. public attention in Thailand following the application of the country's cryptic regulations. Reportedly, over 5,564 BTCs were stolen by a bitcoin millionaire. The alleged ringleader fled to the United States. Thailand's main encryption is working with the police on the case.

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Crypto Case high profile

  Case of high-profile Thai encryption: Bitcoiner lost 5,500+ BTC - Ringleader escaped to the United States
Actor Jiratpisit Jaravijit aka "Boom ".

A case of high profile cryptogenic frauds has recently attracted public attention in Thailand as a result of the implementation of the country's cryptocurrency regulations. The case involves a well-known actor and model of twenty-seven years, Jiratpisit Jaravijit, also known as "Boom".

The actor, his sister, his brother and six others allegedly cheated a twenty-two year old Finnish billionaire billionaire over 5,564.4 BTC, the Bangkok Post reported.

According to police, Aarni Otava Saarimaa and his business partner were "induced to buy shares in three companies and invest in a casino and new cryptocurrency known as dragon coins but" I have not seen any return on the money they have put, "he wrote, adding:

They also talked to the victims about making them believe that the dragon's coins would be used in a Macau casino, which took them to visit to add weight to their request. the bitcoins from the victims, the gang sold the cryptocurrency and transferred the money to various bank accounts.

Arresting the Gang

Boom was arrested last week in a filming location in the Chatuchak district of Bangkok after the police found out that they had received some of the money they had defrauded, and then they were released on bail, the detailed news outlet.

  High-Profile Thai Crypto Case: Bitcoiner Lost 5.500+ BTC - Ringleader Fleed in the United States
Prinya Jaravijit, brother of Boom.

His brother and alleged leader, Prinya Jaravijit, has already fled the country to the United States through South Korea. The Thai Police Crime Division (CSD) is investigating the case and is asking the authorities of the United States to help him track him down. Boom's sister will be introduced on Wednesday, according to INN News.

The CSD learned of this case in January, when the Thai partner of Saarimaa, Chonnikan Kaeosali, filed a complaint, the Bangkok Post reported. The Finnish bitcoiner was contacted by scammers in June of last year

 High-profile Thai encryption case: Bitcoiner lost 5,500+ BTC - Head of orchestra escaped to the United States Led by deputy commander Pol Col Chakrit Sawasdee, the CSD has begun to gather evidence to request arrest warrants for Boom, his brothers and six other suspects. "The Jaravijit brothers face money laundering allegations after investigators have discovered they have purchased a number of plots of land recently," the publication said, adding that they could also be accused of fraud.

"This case is complicated, we had to carefully examine the documents and track the money track, we collaborated with Amlo [the Thai Anti-Money Laundering Office] and it took almost seven months to get approval for the arrest warrants for the first group, "said Pol Col Chakrit in the press release. It elaborated:

A total of 51 bank accounts were frozen and 14 plots of land worth 176 million baht [~US$5,291,403] were frozen while the investigation of the system proceeds … Money must be frozen and reported to the victims.

Thai SEC warning

 High-profile Thai encryption case: Bitcoiner lost 5.500+ BTC - Head of orchestra escaped to the United States How is the case, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the leading regulator of cryptocurrencies in the country, has issued a statement warning the public of encrypted frauds.

On 9 August, Voice TV reported that Mr. Rapee Sucharitakul, secretary general of the Thai SEC, commented that the Boom case could be a violation of the country's new cryptic regulations or a criminal act. Nevertheless, the SEC will work with the police on the case, he confirmed.

  High-Profile Thai Crypto Case: Bitcoiner Lost 5.500+ BTC - Ringleader Fleed in the United States
Rapee Sucharitakul.

The SEC also urged the public to be cautious when approaching investing in cryptocurrencies or projects related to the crypt, noting that some schemes do not imply real investments.

For early tokens (ICO) tokens, the regulator revealed that no permit to any token issuers or ICO portals was granted.

Companies that already operate cryptographic companies prior to May 14 that have applied for a temporary license by August 14 may continue to operate temporarily until further notice. New businesses must get approval before starting the encryption operations, the regulatory authority has clarified.

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