Here Is How Tron (TRX) becomes a "Sh * t-Coin" in a positive sense



Sh * tcoin is a term that is used in the crypt-verse to describe a coin or token that is more or less worthless. The usual story is that they start as revolutionary blockchain projects that claim to destroy everything: banks, insurance, online identity and others. They raise funds and therefore the project fails and disappears in the darkness together with the value of the token or the currency. Tron (TRX) has been called "sh-tcoin" but has shown that critics are wrong with a functioning Mainnet, a loyal community and a bright future with BitTorrent like its golden goose.

So why Tron (TRX) to Sh * t-coin in A Way Way?

The Tron Foundation recently announced a partnership with MOSHROOM, which is one of China's leading intelligent sanitation providers. Strange as the partnership may seem, it is strategic in the sense that we have to use these facilities a couple of times a day. Justin Sun announced the partnership via Twitter as we can see below:

Further investigating the partnership, we find that they will work on blockchain technologies, in particular cross-border settlements with cryptocurrencies. MOSHROOM has a reputation for innovating some of the best intelligent bathrooms out there complete with renewable energy and vending machines.

MOSHROOM Smart Toilet

Supported by the Chinese government, MOSHROOM has placed dozens of these portable toilets in the streets of Beijing, making this partnership with Tron so significant. The cooperation will enable MOSHROOM to obtain technical support for mobile payments, particularly on the cross-border front.

Justin Sun stated the following regarding the partnership:

"TRON hopes to help MOSHROOM improve the bathroom experience for the most common people in developing countries, with particular attention to regulation of cross-border payments We would like to be sure that this project will continue in an effective and healthy manner with a good business model. "

The aspect of cross-border transactions was further elaborated by MOSHROOM's founder and CEO, Cosmos Wu: [19659013] "Because currency systems vary from country to country, it is not an easy job to spread our portable toilets around the world, so we are happy to work with TRON, one of the best in the blockchain community, and to promote our project with the help of cryptocurrency. "

TRON and MOSHROOM will promote portable toilets for the first time in South-East Asia and India: regions with a considerable population high mind. The use and payment of restrooms will be enabled by blockchain technologies.

Here you are, ladies and gentlemen. TRX is now a & # 39; sh-t-coin & # 39; in a positive sense. Cryptocurrency will promote public health and sanitation as well as entering a new cross-border payment industry. It is tempting to remember that Justin Sun worked for Ripple before starting his own project. Therefore, there is a little hidden excitement in all this and on what the final solution will be.

Note: this article did not intend to offend any TRX HODLer and fans. The word game was simply too attractive.

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