Here is how the payment in Ethereum for Starbucks Coffee appears


The recent video shared by the TenX (PAY) team shows the payment in the Ethereum for Starbucks coffee. This is something that every cryptocurrency strives to see every day. Thanks to TenX, we can finally see it clearly and with satisfaction.

Spend ETH, get a coffee

Tenx's co-founder went to one of the Starbucks coffee shops and used his native app and wallet on his smartphone to pay for Ethereum for coffee. The video reveals that after the buyer connects the TenX portfolio to Ethereum and then uses the card to buy coffee, the payment process is confirmed immediately. Any exchange from encrypted to fiat takes place in the TenX Portfolio and not in the Card.

These small steps in the adoption of cryptocurrency and in traditional use are fundamental and solve real problems.

Higher up, TenX (PAY) has had an incredible surge in the last 30d. According to the coingecko, PAY has risen by more than 28 percent of the price in the last 30 days and currently the price is around $ 0.45 USD with a market cap of $ 52.7 million.

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