He accused him of putting pressure on Arab countries … Prime Minister of Palestine: Washington is besieging us politically and financially


Palestinian Prime Minister Muhammad Shtayyeh said on Monday that the first episode of what he described as the festival of Arab normalization with Israel has ended. To reveal what Palestinians have warned about American policy, which seeks to besiege the Palestinian leadership and people and limit them politically, economically and financially, as he said.

Shteih accused the US administration of pressuring Arab countries to prevent it from fulfilling its obligations to the Palestinians.

Shtayyeh indicated in his speech at the start of the weekly cabinet meeting in Ramallah that United States President Donald Trump admitted cutting aid to Palestinians and preventing some Arab countries from fulfilling their obligations in the their comparisons.

He stressed that this policy aims to pressure the Palestinian leadership, blackmail it and force it to barter rights in exchange for money.

“The owner of the right is strong, and whoever has the will and faith in his country and his adherence to his land will not compromise it for the sake of money”.

Shtayyeh hailed those he called “the Arab believers in Palestine, its rights, its freedom and the independence of its people, states and peoples”.

On Thursday, the Israel Al-Youm newspaper, which is close to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, quoted US Ambassador David Friedman as saying Washington is considering replacing the resigned Fatah leader Muhammad Dahlan with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. .

However, the newspaper returned after about 9 hours, changed the statement and denied Washington’s intention to change the Palestinian leadership.

However, the Palestinian leadership did not heed the “amendment” of Friedman’s statements and attacked him vehemently.

The UAE and Bahrain were quick to sign agreements to normalize relations with Israel recently, a measure that angered Palestinian leaders, along with the Arab road.

Yesterday, the State of Qatar renewed its firm stance on the Palestinian question and affirmed its position on the part of the Palestinian people until their rights were achieved.

Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune confirmed yesterday that Algeria will not be blessed and will not participate in what he called “the race towards normalization”.

In a televised interview broadcast on state television, Tebboune added that for the Algerian people the Palestinian question is a “sacred cause” and “the mother of problems”.

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