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Have a gas: this week in the crypto-pop culture, from 24 to 28 December

28 December 2018 20:08

UFC and Litecoin come together, Santa Claus is kidnapped (tbh, he did it), and the children are learning about the crypt.

It's Friday, December 28th, everyone! I hope that your week has not been marked by too many Yule Lads, who handle with the love, but if you have been unlucky enough to receive a visit, ETHNews is here with Having A Gas, which brings you a bit of Christmas cheer with a rundown of some lighter stories for this week in encrypted news and blockchain.

Cryptic concussions

On December 27th, the Litecoin Foundation announced a partnership with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). The partnership makes Litecoin "Official Cryptocurrency Partner" of the next match on December 29th between former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones and heavyweight heavyweight UFC Alexander Gustafsson. During the fight, the Litecoin logo will be displayed on the canvas of the octagonal fighting cage.

The announcement specifies that Litecoin and UFC are similar in the way they "evolved from a small basic movement to a global phenomenon". Even the similarities do not stop there. The rhyming abbreviations – LTC and UFC. The coins are roundand a UFC match has at least five rounds. Litecoin is well known for its short to block times, and I bet in a UFC match, there is a short time a fighter has to succeed to block a punch after it has been launched.

Oh yes, and both the founder of Litecoin, Charlie Lee, and the former president of UFC, Dana White, have sold their product, both of which are extremely risky products to be part of.

Rudolph the red nose of a Brigantine

If you thought Robot Santa was evil, wait until you hear about Pirate Santa.

Crypto Coins, a discord community of crypto and blockchain enthusiast, is holding a treasure hunt this weekend in which the participants must find Pirate Santa, the evil twin brother of Santa Claus who stole all Christmas presents and kidnapped Mr. Claus. According to the tweet, participants have the chance to win dogecoin and something called mousecoin (MIC3), among other tickers.

The premise of the treasure hunt looks terrifying, but let's think about it. As the Twitter post said, nobody knows about Pirate Santa. It was projected into Christmas shadows, forced to navigate endlessly the seven seas without biscuits, without milk – just a moderate to severe scurvy and a wet sock. I bet Santa does not even visit his brother because the ships do not have chimneys. Perhaps Pirate Santa felt it was time to take Santa Claus down for a leg or two.

Also, what did the parents of the Pirate Santa think when they called one of their "Pirate Santa" children? It seems they have condemned him since the beginning.

Children say the hardest things to virtually eliminate third-party tampering

Savii Publishing, part of Savii Digital, an encrypted and blockchain marketing agency, tweeted a preview of the upcoming publication, "Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Activity Book". For children who want to know more about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, book activities include encrypted word searches and connect dots with Blocktrain, Savii Publishing's main character children's book "Meet Bob the Blocktrain."

Teach cryptocurrencies to children and blockchain technology is fine and all, but who reads more physical books? The educational means must be taken even further. Remember "Schoolhouse Rock?" Well, I'm thinking maybe of a Netflix original called "Schoolhouse Block". If "Conjunction Junction" taught me how conjunctions work, why not a song called "Blockchain Adoption" to teach kids about growing technology? Something like: Blockchain adoption, what is your function? / Linking the data in chronological order. / Adoption blockchain, what is your function? / A decentralized site for peer-to-peer transactions.

I'm not a singer-songwriter, but you understand the point.

That said, I can not decide what would be worse during extended family vacation visits: your weird uncle, or your seven-year-old nephew who will not stop explaining how blockchain technology will revolutionize the transport crate industry.

This is all about having a gas. Join us next week and remember [insert clever catchphrase here].

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