Half of the British say they do not trust the blockchain


British users are not yet on board the blockchain bandwagon, new research said

More than a third (35%) of the British say they do not trust an organization that uses technology with their own personal information, as they are

Altogether, 53% had never heard of blockchain before, with only 18% of those who were able to correctly identify what technology actually is.

UK blockchain diffust

OnePulse's research at the recent IP Expo Europe show found that even those who know what the blockchain actually are are wary of technology.

The 11% of those familiar with the blockchain claimed not to trust a company that used it, which means that almost half of the audience avoided organizations that use blockchain technology.

28% said they would not trust an organization that uses technology that does not understand, emphasizing that companies need to pay attention to what new tools and services are pushing towards the public.

The news comes despite blockchain being advertised as the next big news in a wide range of industries, with the technology cited as a breakthrough in work ranging from security to health care.

"Blockchain is a technology that many people in the industry are still struggling to wrap their way around, so it's no surprise that it also causes a lot of confusion for the general public," said Andy Steed, director of content for IP Expo Europe.

"Companies need to make sure that they are not just implementing new technologies like blockchain in a way that will have a significant impact, but that they are taking the time to explain what the easy-to-understand language technology is for their customers instead of simply state that ey is using it. "

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