Guilty appearance in the sky of the Arab world


Comet New Wise (C / 2020 F3) has become bright enough to be seen with the naked eye in all regions of the Arab world, as it can be observed before sunrise on Wednesday 8 July 2020 at about an hour towards the eastern horizon. , where it will be at an altitude of about 10 degrees.

It is preferable to use binoculars, which is a rare opportunity to photograph these objects, which are often faint, and the comet reached the closest distance to the sun, near the orbit of Mercury, on July 3 of this month, and interacted much with the sun’s heat and the comet’s core remained intact and coherent and produced more gas and dust Make the comet’s apparent glow be what it is now

According to the Astronomical Society of Jeddah, the bright appearance of comet New Wise reminds us of comets that have been seen in recent years, such as the comet (Love Joy W3), which has been observed with the naked eye in conjunction with its appearance. in the – perihelion – in the year 2011, as well as the comet (McCnot P1) in the year 2007, but it was not visible to observers in the northern hemisphere when it was at its best.

It is reported that the comet (Eason S1) – which he called “the comet of the century” in 2013, dating back about a quarter of a century to the comet (Hale-Bob) and the comet (Hayakotak), which are examples of what could be a comet when seen with the naked eye, and those stories Now repeat.

The year 2020 will certainly be marked by this bright comet, which will continue to be subject to constant monitoring over the next few days, and by mid-July it will move to the evening sky where observers will be able to hear its vision after sunset.


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