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From the beginning of August, a large price realignment took place and almost all coins and counters in the cryptic way felt the heat. Litecoin (LTC) has not been spared but it seems that it is making a lot of positive progress that has not been ignored by the investor community.

However, the media seems infernal to amplify only what the competition wants to hear and leave the best hidden choices. This prompted the CEO of the platform, Charlie Lee, to come out clean and set the records in a move that indicates the return to the business for Litecoin and there is much to be expected from the project team in the coming days.

Turning Around Litecoin (LTC) Around the Corner

At the start of today, the CEO has stated very clearly to sell his participation in LTC and this is a huge incentive for the community. It also aims to pave the way for additional adoption given the development the team was able to get behind the scenes. In a series of tweets Lee has set the recordings in a direct way and this is intended to stimulate the adoption of LTC and the growth of the final value.

Charlie Lee [LTC]

@ SatoshiLite

"1 / At the LTC summit, I briefly addressed the motivation behind the sale of my LTC holdings. , bad journalism is rampant in crypts, and now there is a sensational title created by a partial citation from me. "

-7: 27 AM – 18 Sep 2018

To clarify his position on Litecoin, the CEO added:

Charlie Lee [LTC ⚡]


2 / I said jokingly that it is good that I did what I did otherwise I could find another job and can not work full-time on Litecoin (not to mention the financial support of the Litecoin Foundation). Of course, this is the only point on which this journalist has collected and has not had time to make fun of me

7:27 – September 18, 2018

Litecoin (LTC) head of the 39; adoption

With over 1,900 coins and digital tokens on the market, mass adoption has always been the best route for the market and Litecoin is headed in that direction. The value of price arrives with targeted and functional adoption and this is what Lee is working on. Adds:

Charlie Lee [LTC ⚡]


"re: conflict of interest, I sold my LTC holdings so I could focus on adoption and not on price, as these 2 are not always related, Litecoin is my child, so I do not need monetary incentives to want it to succeed. "

In a series of tweet, the CEO gave clear and clear advice to anyone who invested in the cryptic verse [19659002] Charlie Lee [LTC ⚡]


"Finally, a bit of a joke.The term came from a bitcointalk forum user who refused to sell when the market crashes in. Hodl means not panic selling when prices are low. Selling during a bull market does not contradict hodling's advice. " [19659014] Litecoin (LTC) Ready for a Breakout

The Litecoin community is ready for a bright future after the exchange Gemini throws its weight behind LTC. This is a big boost for the coin and will see that the visibility will increase enormously. This will satisfy the target of adoption of the platforms by traders all over the world. The timing is right and the depressed market has seen the currency gain further support with the team of developers working on platform technology.

Gemini is fully regulated and its support for LTC has seen a lot of enthusiasm from the community. However, the bear market seems to have subjugated the growth of coins, a trend that spread over the entire crypto-sphere. The market crash saw the price of LTC paying 7.04% to the dollar and 3.97% to Bitcoin trading at $ 52.11.

This left Litecoin among the second losers behind ETH, which lost 9.56% among the top 10 best coins in the cap market according to CoinMarketCap charts. the scenario falls on the market with most of the other asset prices traded with red except for USDT

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