Goldman Sachs says "No thanks" to Crypto Trading Desk, while India sends officials to "Crypto College"


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Business Insider: Goldman Sachs Crops Trading Plans of Crypto Trading

Goldman Sachs Group Inc. is disrupting the opening plans of a cryptocurrency trading desk, Business Insider reported this week, but will focus on a custody product for crypto, which will allow it to hold cryptocurrency on behalf of large customers and monitor its price, has lowered its cryptocurrency project priority due to lack of regulatory clarity and may require many steps before a regulated bank can exchange digital resources, most outside the control of Goldman Sachs. could be premature

Alibaba and IBM among the top-ranked level o international for most of the patents related to deposited blockchains

The giants of technology Alibaba and IBM are competing for the first place in a new list that is world-wide entity for the number of patents related to the blockchain deposited until today, using data consolidated on August 10th by all of China, the EU, America, Japan and South Korea. The list also used information from the International Patent System. World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). China Alibaba has come in first place, having filed a total of 90 blockchain patent applications, while IBM has so far stored a total of 89.

The Google Analytics Big Data data warehouse adds the Ethereum Blockchain dataset

The Google Cloud team officially released the Ethereum (ETH) dataset in BigQuery, the analytics' big data warehouse, after doing the same for the Bitcoin blockchain at February. The Ethereum blockchain data is published in the dataset and updated daily, with the BigQuery OLAP capabilities that help aggregate these types of data and visualize them. According to Google, the addition of BigQuery ETH was created to help make business decisions, prioritize the improvements in the architecture of Ethereum itself (for example, to prepare for updates) and the adaptation of the balance.

India sends foreign officials to learn more about Criptovalute and ICO

The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has organized tours to countries such as Japan, the United Kingdom and Switzerland for their officials to study cryptocurrencies and Initial Coin Offerings (ICO). The Indian governor refers to travel as "study trips", noting that his officials have already gone to consult with the Financial Services Agency (FSA) of Japan, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the Federal Authority of supervision of financial markets (FINMA). The regulator notes that the travel objective is to help officials "engage with international regulators and gain a deeper understanding of systems and mechanisms."

The rules of the Supreme Court of Greece to extradite the alleged owner of BTC-e in Russia

The Greek Civil and Criminal Supreme Court decided to extradite the alleged owner of BTC-e Alexander Vinnik to Russia to numerous allegations of computer fraud, after the United States, France and Russia had previously discussed the position of Vinnik's extradition. In July 2017, Greek police arrested Vinnick while the US Department of Justice convicted him for fraud and money laundering of about 4 billion dollars of bitcoin (BTC) and France accused Vinnik of "defrauding [ing] over 100 people in six French cities between 2016 and 2018. "If extradited to Russia, Vinnick would face a fraud charge of 667,000 rubles (about $ 9,800).

  Most Memorable Quotations

Most Memorable Quotations

  Brian Kelly

"We have a new technology that disinterprets many industries, this is important, and it will be something that is here for the rest of my career at least and probably much longer than that "- Brian Kelly, founder and CEO of the investment company in digital currency BKCM LLC

  Luigi de Magistris

" In front of a government with clear anti-south traction, which is strengthening the Lombard – Veneto Axis … and is working to divert most of the resources to the rich, giving only alms in the south, we must launch a historic challenge, never thought or implemented so far "- Luigi de Magistris, mayor of Naples on the need to launch an autonomous municipal cryptocurrency

  Laws And Taxes

Laws and Taxes

Philippines to issue draft regulation on cryptocurrency T his month

La Securities and The Philippine Exchange Commission (SEC) will disclose its draft cryptocurrency regulation by the middle of this month. Local media have confirmed that trade in cryptocurrencies may soon be viewed as traditional "trading platforms" within the new framework. The Philippine SEC has also revealed that it was working in tandem with the central bank, the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP), in order to establish which term Amatong means "cooperative supervision".

China: Supreme Court rule Blockchain can legitimately certify evidence

This week the Chinese Supreme Court ruled that evidence authenticated with blockchain technology is binding in litigation. This new ruling includes part of a series of more comprehensive rules that clarify the litigation procedures for Internet courts throughout China and come into force immediately. The ruling finds that "Internet courts" must recognize digital data if they are stored on a blockchain with "digital signatures, reliable timestamps and verification of the hash value or via a digital deposition platform."

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IBM brings" Near Real-Time " Blockchain World Wire Payment Network Outside Beta

Tech The IBM giant has released its payment network Blockchain World Wire (BWW) from the beta this week.BWW, which uses the digital currency on the blockchain of Stellar to facilitate international agreements between banks in "almost in real time", is the last step forward for IBM and Stellar, who looked at the blockchain payment options from October of last year

Los Angeles Dodgers to hold the first "Digital Bobblehead Night "

Los Angeles Dodgers, an American professional baseball team, will hold a cryptic gift of athlete-based tokens at the end of this month, with the first 40,000 fans of tickets at the San Diego Padres game on September 21st. will receive a ca rta with a unique code that can be unlocked and transferred to an Ethereum wallet, with each card containing tokens of athletes such as Clayton Kershaw pitcher, third base Justin Turner and Curaçaoan pitcher Kenley Jansen.

Bentley luxury car dealer, Bugatti, Rolls-Royce accepts Bitcoin

Post Oak Motor Cars, a luxury car dealer is reportedly the first Rolls-Royce dealership, Bentley and Bugatti in the United States to accept Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) as payment. The American entrepreneur Tilman Fertitta, owner of the car dealer, has announced that he will integrate BitPay, a cryptographic payment service provider, accepting cryptographic purchases from customers all over the world.

Swiss Blockchain Startup wins regulatory approval, searches for bank license

Smart Valor, at The Swiss blockchain startup this week has received approval from VQF (European Financial Services Association) , rather than from the national regulatory agency, to operate in the local financial market. Smart Valor, which plans to launch an online platform for alternative investments, including cryptocurrencies, in the fourth quarter of 2018, also requires a banking license.

  Mergers, acquisitions and partnerships

Mergers, acquisitions and partnerships

SBI South Korean saving signs sign a MoU with AI, Blockchain Specialist

SBI Savings Bank of South Korea signed a memorandum Understood with DAYLI Intelligence, an expert in AI technology and blockchain, to improve its business fintech.DayLI Intelligence, which provides blockchain solutions and AI-based technology infrastructure for financial institutions to assist SBI in the implementation of blockchain and machine learning to maximize work efficiency and reduce costs between various financial products and services.

Intel and SAP Partner For Deeper Coll Aboration On Blockchain Technology

Intel's multinational and SAP software announced a partnership to address "market gaps" for solutions that enhance corporate blockchain systems. Intel and SAP, who have been working together on corporate infrastructure platforms for 25 years, have recently expanded their joint work to understand blockchain technologies – led by the creation of a global SAP blockchain industry consortium – including the development of SAP HANA Data Management System.

Electric Company ENGIE collaborates with development consulting firm Blockchain

ENGIE, a French electrical services company, has collaborated with the consulting firm Maltem Consulting Group to create a blockchain development company for commercial clients. The new Blockchain Studio, which received approximately $ 2.1 million in initial funding, will focus on developing smart contracts and creating cloud-based or server-based blockchain infrastructures.

Partners ConsenSys with online training platform for Blockchain Tech

Blockchain startup ConsenSys has partnered with the Coursera online training platform to offer a blockchain technology course called "Blockchain: Foundations And Use Cases". The course, designed to provide students with an introduction to technology and develop the skills necessary to understand how the blockchain is changing some industries, is designed for students of various skill levels, including individuals who lack a & # 39; technical instruction.

  Winners And Losers

Winners and losers

  Winners and losers "src =" view / 559d7928aa72822e021f5bf20c48fd74.png "title =" Winners and losers "/> </p>
<p dir= Cryptographic markets suffered losses this week, with Bitcoin just under $ 6.400 and Ethereum approaching $ 200. The total market capitalization is about $ 198 billion.

The first three The week's biggest gainers are AsiaDigicoin, ZenGold, Webcoin.The three biggest losers of the week are Protean, Internet Of Things, Regalcoin

For more information on cryptography pricing, be sure to read Cointelegraph's market analysis.

  FUD Of The Week

FUD of the Week

Chrome Extension MEGA brought to steal users' Monero

The version 3.39.4 of MEGA Chrome has been compromised and can now steal Monero dell & # 39; ute in addition to other sensitive information, according to recent posts this week by various users on Twitter and Reddit. The extension, when it works correctly, claims to improve browser performance by reducing page load times, as well as providing a secure cloud storage service.

ICO of Malaysia Beauty Guru arrested by the Securities Commission

Malaysia's Securities Commission (SC) of Malaysia ordered the immediate stoppage of all activity promotions for the recent launch of Lavidacoin (LVC) pending further review. Lavidacoin, created by the Malaysian cosmetic magnate and beauty guru Datuk Seri Hasmiza Othman, aka Data & # 39; Vida, was supposed to raise $ 1.5 billion in an ICO to create an online entertainment channel focused on the entrepreneur, a LVC payment gateway and even a

Crypto Exchange Bittrex to remove Bitcoin Gold After May & # 39; s $ 18 Mln Hack

Crypto exchange Bittrex will delist Bitcoin Gold (BTG), a hard fork of Bitcoin (BTC), within September 14 following a $ 18 million hack of the BTG network in May. BTG has reportedly suffered from a combination of double spending and 51% of attacks on various exchanges, including Bittrex. The Bitcoin Gold team said they were not "responsible for the security policies inside of private entities like Bittrex", adding that exchanges "must manage the related risks and are ultimately responsible for their own safety. [19659006] Thai Anti-Money Laundering The agency believes it has created a digital portfolio to prevent crime

The Anti-Money Laundering Bureau of Thailand (AMLO) has advanced the idea of ​​creating its own digital portfolio for investigating encrypted computer crime According to Witthaya Neetitham, AMLO's secretary, the Thai watchdog wants to adapt to new technology by allowing the government to confiscate the crypt involved in fraud, as Thai officials can only now imprison or extradite those convicted for computer or confiscated crimes

The Belgian financial authority adds 28 sites to the black list of frauds crypt graphics

The Belgian Financial Services and Market Authority (FSMA) has added 28 new sites to its black list of encrypted frauds, noting that it continues to receive complaints from consumers scammed by scammers despite previous warnings. The agency notes that the updated list is not exhaustive and has been largely assembled as a result of the reports of the victims, adding a request for information on frauds related to encryption in Belgium.

  The best features

The best features

The bitcoin boom reaches a Canadian ghost town

What happens when a British remote The Colombian city that has lost its paper mill – to all effects turning into in a ghost town with a population of less than 100 – do you accept the offer of a non-EU citizen to enter and use their excess hydroelectric power to extract Bitcoin? The answer? Not so much, currently, given that the mining structures of Bitcoin do not carry a large workforce, and the price of Bitcoin is lower than that expected for the mining plant.

Bitcoin payment method path

Bitcoin developer Jimmy Song explains the multi Reasons why people want to use Bitcoin (which seems to be primarily a store of value rather than a payment method, according to Song), and what could be the evolution of Bitcoin in the future (eg how can you make traders want to keep Bitcoin a valuable store?).

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