Going through the blockchain hype


As technologists we know that there is something truly unique in the blockchain and we have seen firsthand some of the promises of use cases that have been explored. The technologies related to blockchain and cryptocurrency will provide positive skills to both individuals and businesses, we are sure. But we're also sure there's a lot of hype out there. Even many others feel this way.

Here are some considerations from an article by Aaron Tan on Computer Weekly.

Despite having pockets of adoption, blockchain technology is still in its infancy, with consolidation in the supplier market that is expected to take place in the coming years, according to an expert in the field. Speaking at Computer Weekly in an exclusive interview, Tom Sprenger, CTO of AdNovum, a Swiss IT security company with offices in Asia, noted that many startups and investors are jumping on the blockchain bandwagon, but it's not always clear if the use of technology is really necessary.

Read Aaron Tan's article about why blockchain technology is all hype and hoopla on Computer Weekly.

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