Get to Grips with Blockchain


You are invited to a unique "Getting to Grip with Blockchain" conference on 22-23 January 2019 in Washington, DC.

At the conference you will learn how the blockchain will become the connective tissue of intelligent cities and immutable memory.

More specifically, you will learn:

  • How the blockchain works; how it is affecting energy industries and smart cities.
  • Whether it's a friend or an enemy; if it interrupts the old electrical and gas order or simply accelerates transactions through intrinsic efficiency.
  • Who will be the winners and losers. Will the newcomers release legacy players, since the Internet has removed the printed paper for publication?

Learn or lose.

Having begun to confuse me – and even hostile – to block me, I started a search to understand it. I am convinced that it is the future and that, as a communicator, I need to spread the word.

So I collaborated with some of the leading experts in the blockchain world – including the Energy Blockchain Consortium – and I organized an intense blockchain conference in the offices of Dentons, the largest law firm in the world, on K Street in Washington , DC.

Our conference will be a day and a half of engaging and engaging learning, complete with examples of cases on how the blockchain works; how it will revolutionize the bargaining and the keeping of registers, becoming the indelible record and the "provenance of everything", from small transactions to massive offers.

In the utilities sector, for example, blockchain will be the channel between distributed generators and the established regional utility, but also between two or more generators or mini-grids. Accelerate smart contracts: all transactions that affect what the energy company buys and what it sells. The smart contracts stipulated at the time of execution will cut huge paperwork, manpower in the office and make things work faster and with absolute records.

I am excited about this digital revolution – it is a natural extension of the world of smart meters and smart grids – as I have been for any development of electricity and gas over many years.

Register now and receive a $ 200 discount.

If you want to add to the process by sending a document or speaking, different spots have been reserved for visionaries who see new uses and possible abuse of this new powerful tool.

My hope is that this conference will bring executives and those who go hand in hand from what blockchain is to how it can be distributed in anything from contracts to track nuclear materials to complete inventory control.

Stay on top.

Evolve as technology evolves. If you are employed in an energy company, contract one or hope to enter some aspect of the energy business, this conference can be a key step.

As Steve Jobs said: "Do not be afraid, you can do it".

Do not be afraid, it's a great new tool. Come and learn from experts, academics, practical professionals and those who are creating the future.

When: 22-23 January 2019
Where is it: Dentons, 1900 K Street, NW, Washington, DC 20006
fee: $ 1,199 after December 24th. Early registration, $ 999

To record:

An invoice will be sent to you and registration will not be complete until the invoice is paid by check or credit card.

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