French Police Officer Caught Selling Secrets for Bitcoin – Coindoo


Has been arrested and is currently facing charges. The dark web is an online marketplace where illegal activities get done in exchange for Cryptos.

The French Police Department he Belongs to

The French police officer caught in this act is said to be working for, Directorate General de la Sécurité Intérieure (DGSI). This is a French intelligence agency that takes care of cybercrime and terrorism. They also deal with counter-espionage and performing surveillance of potentially threatening organizations. With the DGSI, they have been refused to release the name of the officer to the public. However, they gave information on the username. The username is Haurus and the dark web site is called Blackhand.

As of now, the French police officer is a member of the cyber-criminals, Le Parisien. From the report, it was stated that the officer sold the information.

He was also based on the service. The service he provides, with the tracking of people based on the mobile number provided. DGSI resource to do this.
The same is the name given to the French police.

How he was Tracked Down

Which they were able to track down for the first time. added to official documents and tracks their history.

The French Police department has been charged with the officer, and he is facing up to € 100000- € 115000.

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