Freewallet's Ethereum Wallet is back on the Google Play Market


Freewallet's Ethereum Wallet on Android, one of the first Ethereum portfolios with the largest database of current users is finally back and available for download on Google Market. It has been missing from the Play Market for almost a week and the Freewallet team would like to explain the situation and make it clear to its users why it happened.

On October 22nd, Google removed Freewallet's Ethereum wallet from the Google Play Market. We contacted the Google team immediately after this happened and they explained that they had removed our app because they felt that the Freewallet app violated their impersonation and intellectual property policy by using the content of the Ethereum Foundation.

This was not the case. For our part, Freewallet had already contacted the Ethereum Foundation and obtained written permission from its Foundation to use the Ethereum content and logo as a reference to the Ethereum platform and token. We promptly forwarded this to Google and Freewallet's Ethereum wallet was re-uploaded to Google Play Market.

While the problem was resolved, the app was not available for download for new users. However, all previously installed apps continued to work normally and the Multiwallet and other Freewallet family apps were available for download on Android, iOS and the web.

Freewallet deeply appreciates the rapid response of the Ethereum Foundation and the immediate action and the great support they have provided in solving this problem.

We are pleased to announce that our most popular portfolio is available for download on Google Play Market and our team welcomes new customers with open arms! We also hope that existing users will continue to enjoy them and would like to point out that none of the existing users have been affected by this situation.

Freewallet is a portfolio of digital currencies with an integrated exchange of web, iOS and Android devices for a total of 25 different cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Dogecoin, Monero and Eos. The Freewallet family includes Multiwallet (iOS, Android and Web version), 30 custom wallets for single coins and Freewallet Lite (an HD portfolio on iOS and Android).

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