France starts selling Bitcoin to 6 tobacco stores – 6,500 by next month


An initiative to sell Bitcoin (BTC) in the 24,000 French tobacco kiosks was tentatively launched despite the no-confidence votes of the central bank and other sources.

6 tobacconists today, 6500 by February

Such as Reuters On January 8, quoting the organizer Adil Zakhar, six Tabac stores in Paris started offering Bitcoin prepaid cards this week, with the intention to implement the scheme quickly to over 6500 as soon as the next month.

"Some people find it difficult to get bitcoins online," Zakhar told the publication.

They trust the owner of the local tobacco store more than they would trust a remote anonymous site.

As co-founder of the technological society KeplerK, Zakhar is presiding over a strongly contested move to bring Bitcoin into the French mainstream.

Such as Bitcoinist and others wrote in November, when the plan was announced, met opposition from parties including the Bank of France (BoF), officials denied they had sanctioned any form of Bitcoin sale by tobacconists .

This seems to contradict the position of the French Prudential Supervisory Authority and Resolution (ACPR), which operates under the auspices of the Board of Governors and has given the green light to KerplerK.

"…[N]or such an agreement is expected or under discussion, "BoF said at the time.

Bitcoin and Bank Runs

The start of sales therefore marks a further point in the confusing legislative context surrounding the cryptocurrency that has persisted in France.

yellow gilet Paris protests euro bitcoin

At the same time, both Bitcoin and the banks continue to hit traditional media for other reasons.

At the start of this week, Bitcoinist reported on a new project of the political base movement the Gilets Jaunes, organizers demanding a run on the banks this Saturday, January 12.

With the aim of putting pressure on the government "without the slightest of violence", the so-called "Referendum des Percepteurs" ("Referendum of Collectors") closely mirrors a similar event in the Bitcoin world of last week – Proof of Keys of Trace Mayer.

Meanwhile, cryptocurrency users continue to search for a hidden Bitcoin cut as part of a wall mural by the Parisian artist Pascal Boyart. An open portfolio for premium fund contributions currently contains 0.287 BTC ($ 1155).

What do you think of the sales of French tobaccos in France? Let us know in the comments below!

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