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Founder of Ethereum who explores land in Turkey

The co-founder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, has opened his Twitter to find out that he has many answers on his tweets written in Turkish. Not only the Turks have things to say about Buterin and Ethereum but about cryptocurrencies in general. They seemed eager to let Buterin know about Twitter in their mother tongue, why is it so important? Well, I guess it shows that Ethereum is truly international.

Buterin seemed interested in this, but he was also confused as to why his answers were in Turkish and not in English. The co-founder quickly asked if there was anything special going on or if he still had to interact with the cryptic community in Turkey.

Much of this, as we know, may have developed during the recent Turkish Lira incident in mid-2018. This incident saw a significant increase in interest for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

In one of his many tweets, he says:

One user responded by saying that the crypto community in Turkey is huge:

You can mention saying:

"Yes, there is a large Turkish community around the crypt and not just hodlers but also Vitalik builders, I'm glad to see that you've interacted with our community."

The same user also revealed their success in hosting Cornell's professor, Emin Gun Sirer, whose voice focused the interest of the crypt on Turkish citizens.

As reported by ZyCrypto:

"The $ Hydro 3.0 web platform, a 2-fold layer on Ethereum, also highlighted that more than 2,000 developers have joined the web development, showing a noticeable welcome to the Fintech and Blockchain community."

Binance also saw the growing interest of those in Turkey. In particular with the new generations. The exchange recently concluded a meeting with the Turkish cryptsite community in order to establish their goal of making Turkey one of Binance's top five markets.

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