Forecast of the daily price of Ethereum (ETH) – 20 August



ETH / USD Medium-Term Trend: Varying [19659003] Strength Levels: $ 310, $ 320, $ 330
Levels of Support: $ 280, $ 270, $ 260

The Ethereum price was in a lateral trend: in the last week, the ETH price was fluctuating between $ 290.99 and 319.17 levels. The price of Ethereum has been silent in the last four days: today, the cryptocurrency will probably continue its range extension movement.
Meanwhile, the MACD line and the signal line are on a par with the zero line indicating a neutral signal Furthermore, the price of ETH is on par with the 12 day EMA and the 39; 26-day EMA indicating that the price is in the sideways trend. The period relative to the Relative Resistance Index 14 is level 47 which indicates that the price lies sideways trend zone.

ETH / USD short-term trend: bullish

In the 1 hour chart, the ETH price is in an uptrend. Cryptocurrency moves horizontally together with exponential moving averages. Meanwhile, the MACD line and the signal line are above the zero line indicating a purchase signal. The price of Ethereum is higher than the 26-day EMA and the 12-day EMA which indicates that an upward trend is under way.

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