Food technology news: Dairy Blockchain, RaGrained Raise and Chocolate Cabins


For many of us, this week has been stressful, draining and / or discouraging. And while just because the weekend is here does not mean you can escape the news (even if you can he snooze prizes a couple of times), means you can maybe do some space to focus on other things – more encouraging and stimulating – even if just for a while.

So, after snoozing, take a few minutes to retrieve our weekly summary of food technology news. This is where we collect all the stories that caught our attention this week, but we did not have enough bandwidth to cover. Yes, this covers a piece a French cabin made of chocolate.

Photo: ReGrained.

The ReGrained recycled food company collects 2.5 million dollars
ReGrained, the company that turns grain from breweries into high-protein energy bars, announced this week that it had raised a $ 2.5 million loan fund. The round was led by Griffith Partners, with the participation of the innovation arm Barilla BLU1877, Telluric Foods and others. The San Francisco-based company plans to use the funds to enhance its processing technology and commercialize its businesses by selling food by-products to upcycled CPG companies.

Photo: Pixabay

Milk producers in America and Walmart embrace the blockchain
The Dairy Farmers of America (DFA) will collaborate with, the technological startup that works to create a blockchain for food (h / t Crowdfund Insider). Together, the two will launch a pilot program to follow dairy products along the supply chain. This news comes only a few weeks after collected a $ 2.4 million seed round.

Also this week, Walmart announced that they were asking all their suppliers of fresh, leafy vegetables to use the blockchain. They hope this emerging technology will help them track supply and ensure safety, especially in the wake of the E. coli outbreak in this year's Roman lettuce. (Psst – Frank Yiannas, VP of Walmart's Food Safety, will talk about blockchain and food at the Smart Kitchen Summit. Buy your tickets now!)

Photo: travel and free time.

Now you can rent a French cabin made of chocolate
The witch of Hansel and Gretel would have had a field day. Guests on can now rent a beautiful cabin in Sèvres, France, entirely made of chocolate (h / t Travel & Leisure). Designed and built by the Jean-Luc Decluzeau chocolatier, the cottage is 18 square meters, can accommodate four people and consists of about 1.5 tons of chocolate The best part? Guests are allowed to taste the numerous edible parts of the house. Sweet.

Photo: over the meat

Beyond Meat publishes an environmental impact study
Many of us already know that eating a plant-based diet is better for the environment. How much better? This is what Beyond Meat has decided to show the world with its recent study Life Cycle Analysis. The startup commissioned researchers from the Center for Sustainable Systems at the University of Michigan to compare the way environmental impact (carbon emissions, land use, etc.) of plant-based burgers overlaps with a traditional beef burger. The results are even more surprising than one might expect.

Photo: Hormel

Hormel Foods launches new podcast series
This week Hormel Foods announced the launch of their new podcast series titled Our Food Journey (h / t FoodDive). The series is intended to be part of the broader social responsibility initiative of the food company and will feature conversations with Hormel employees, professional chefs, food entrepreneurs and others. The first season has ten episodes, all available wherever you have your podcast.

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