FOMO3D Clone Game Most likely reason for the Ethereum Congestion


For days in a row, a single intelligent contract has raised gas prices on the Ethereum network.


For days, a mysterious contract that sent ETH around hoarded gas on the Ethereum network, raising prices for all users. According to experts, the reason could be a clone of the FOMO3D game, an Ethereum lottery that has appeared in the past. FOMO3D is an online lottery with a jackpot, which creates the need to continually purchase the keys to get the chance to get away with it.

Starting at 4:30 UTC, the intelligent contract for the game, which looks like the real thing and not a test, was consuming about 34.5% of the gas. ETH transaction prices have calmed down a bit, although they are still at $ 0.39, compared to a penny a few days ago.

"What we are seeing here looks like another clone of a known Ponzi scheme game." By analyzing the machine code of this smart contract, it has a very high resemblance to the FoMo3D intelligent short contract and its transactions seem to support it. "FoMo3Dshort is a shorter version of the Ponzi FoMo3D puzzle game in which the last person who buys a "key" (ie sends a transaction) wins the pot. "

" So, of course, the participants send transactions like crazy and extremely spamming the Ethereum network as a result, "said Leonid Beder, Head of Blockchain Engineering and Security @ Orbs, in a statement sent by email to Cryptovest.

If this is indeed the game where the "exit scam" goes to the winner, the activity should suddenly cease when the jackpot is won. At the moment, an active game has reached a jackpot of over $ 7.8 million, or about 21.737 ETH, somewhat similar to the balances in the contract that overload the network.

At some point, the game enters a state of steady activity, aiming to win the jackpot as the last buyer. This could explain the constant sending of small amounts of ETH.

The new incarnation of the game comes at a time when the general interest in cryptographic assets has shrunk and the market price of ETH is at a low point reminiscent of the levels of the summer of 2017. The ETH has slipped to $ 362.84, but this has not damaged the interest in the game.

According to a research into the Huobi exchange, activity on the last game resumed around July 22nd.

"Because DApps are open source in nature, game design can easily be copied and modified, as such, the original Fomo3D game could easily lose its players in a duplicate game that guarantees a higher reward. This could easily be achieved by simply changing certain parameters in the codes, such as limiting the countdown time or redesigning the Keys pricing function, to shorten the duration of each round, "the Huobi team wrote in a recent blog. [19659007] As the game continues, it becomes a matter of nerves and people give up, until the last person buys the last key. According to DappRadar, FOMO3D has about 1,100 live users now, but on more active days, they have reached 10,000 in 24 hours.

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