First predictions on cryptocurrency prices: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Omisego, NEO, Ripple, MONERO – Crypto News Today – Sat Sept 15


Cryptocurrency Forecast: Many analysts are monitoring different cryptocurrencies. This is the reason why their forecasts also vary in terms of price levels. Today we have not only taken all of these forecasts into consideration, but we have averaged them to outperform a range in which the cryptocurrency will be exchanged in the near future.

  1. Bitcoin price forecast:

According to forecasts, there is a 95% probability that Bitcoin will trade between $ 4100 and $ 273,000. The average forecast of most of the analyst is $ 31,000.

  1. Bitcoin Cash Pricing Provision:

According to the forecast of most analysts and taking into account technical factors, Bitcoin Cash will trade about $ 94 and $ 94,000 in the upper part. In addition, the median value at which it will be traded is around $ 2800.

  1. Ethereum Price Prediction:

Ethereum is expected to trade between $ 706 on the underside and $ 30,000 on the higher side. The median rating is around $ 4,800. There is a 95% chance that Ethereum will trade between these levels.

  1. Litecoin Price Prediction:

In recent months, Litecoin has become very popular. However, many analysts believe that the significant increase in Litecoin is actually temporary. That's why, there's a 95% chance that you will trade between $ 30 at the bottom and $ 7600 at the top. The median rating of Litecoin is probably around $ 470.

  1. Prediction of the prices OMISEGO:

It is likely that OMISEGO falls to $ 1.17 and in the upper part; can reach up to $ 190. The median evaluation of the cryptocurrency is about $ 15.74. With a 95% probability, the trading range is almost fixed.

  1. NEO Price Prediction:

NEO is likely to trade between $ 27 on the underside and $ 13,000 on the higher side. The median rating is $ 458 with 95% probability.

  1. Price prediction of ripples:

The ripple could trade between $ 0.02 at the bottom and $ 175 at the top. The median estimate according to the forecast is about $ 2.12. The probability that it works in this range is rather high at 95%.

  1. MONERO price forecast:

MONERO is priced between $ 88 on the underside and $ 10,338 on the higher side with a probability of 95%. Average median levels are around $ 972.

Thus, if cryptocurrencies are forecast for the next year, these are the intervals in which they can be traded. If you are thinking of investing in them, you can do so by keeping these figures in mind. Source:

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