First phases of a Mega Rally


He returned to profitability for most of the altcoins as they record double digit earnings. Leading the package are XLM / USD and ADA / USD traded above important resistance levels. We expect most of the altcoin to continue to expand this week, as they cancel the 2018 losses, as price action forms the basis of a megabyram.

Let's take a look at these graphs:

EOS / USD price analysis

EOS / USD price analysis

In light of strong earnings, EOS / USD rose 4% in the last day and 12% in the last week. The result is clear and, above all, prices are higher than the $ 7 purchase mark. But before the $ 7 resistance sign is hit, today we could see the total reversal of losses in the market. October 11th. Once printed, we suggest that aggressive buyers buy on dips with stops at breakout minima.

However, considerations on risk reward should be a priority and operators should take note not to risk more than they can earn. It is for this reason that it is ideal for all traders to trade according to the previous EOS / USD trading plan, buying on declines only when prices exceed the $ 7 limit. Thereafter, the first target would be $ 9 and subsequently $ 15.

Analysis of LTC / USD prices

Going forward, operators can marginate the BTC / LTC exchange pair on OkEx. At the same time, you can send and receive Litecoin on Facebook Messenger after their partnership with Undoubtedly this partnership is very important to expose Litecoin to more than 2 billion customers on Facebook, which in turn could help to maintain LTC / USD constants due to the increase in demand. uses a function that allows you to send and receive coins via SMS. Therefore it is important that users register themselves using their valid email address and phone number.

Analysis of LTC / USD prices

The expansion of LTC / USD is pushing prices towards the $ 60 trigger line. Due to the last two days higher, it is likely that we will have to trade in a bullish upward pattern as prices they exceed $ 60 by reversing the losses of October 11 for a larger three-bar bull whose pin bar will be the small range of bars from October 12 to November 3.

As a result, we suggest risk traders to start spot loading once prices close above the lower resistance trend line with the first $ 70 targets.

Price analysis XLM / USD

Price analysis XLM / USD

After adding 15% in the last week, the XLM / USD pair is traded above 25 cents in a bear break-out model. Since our last XLM / USD trading conditions are now active, we suggest you buy on scuba or on site with the first 30 cents targets.

Note that $ 0.3 is an important resistance level and because prices are pleasantly above the highs of October 11, bulls are likely to raise prices above 30 cents by completing a breakdown pattern of the bull. From then on, the first goal will be 50 cents as planned in our latest XLM / USD business plan.

TRON / USD Tron price analysis

Thanks to Tron-Dice and other gambling gaming apps, Tron's chain transactions are increasing, breaking through the million marks.

It is a new milestone and demonstrates how Tron is emerging as an intelligent bargaining platform that is ready to take on Ethereum by replacing it for governance, technology and execution issues.

TRX / USD price analysis

Like other altcoins, TRX / USD is growing on the upside from the October 31 pin bar. Even if prices have yet to break and close above the September highs, overall optimistic expectations in space could easily cause prices to rise above the trigger line.

However, due to the prevailing sentiment, operators can ride with tide loading at spot prices with stops at 2.2 cents and prime targets at 3 cents and later at 4 cents. The only move that cancels this projection is if TRX / USD falls to less than 2 cents by closing below the trendline to support this growing wedge.

Analysis of ADA / USD prices

Analysis of ADA / USD prices

Not only do we have a bull launch line because prices rebound on 7 cents, but the odds are our ideal trading conditions will be met. But while prices run to 9.5 cents or highs in October, traders can start buying at spot prices with stops at 7.5 cents.

As shown in our latest analysis of ADA / USD prices, fluctuations above 9.5 cents mean that prices will very likely fluctuate above 12 cents, canceling the break-out model at the beginning of August.

All graphics courtesy of Trading View

Disclaimer: The opinions and opinions expressed are those of the author and are not investment advice. Trading any form involves risks, as well as your due diligence before making a commercial decision.

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