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Original title: First Batch of Science and Technology Listed on the 50ETF Market Adds Pratt & Whitney Investment Tools

On November 16, the first batch of 4 national science and technology ETFs 50 was officially listed and traded on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, involving 4 fund companies including China Asset Management, E Fund, Huatai Bai Rui, ICBC Credit Suisse. As an ETF following the Sci-tech Innovation 50 Index, the only index currently on the Sci-tech Innovation Board, the listing of 4 products will officially begin the investment journey in indexing the Sci-tech Innovation Board in the market secondary.

At present, strict conditions exist for direct investor participation in the investments of the Scientific and Technological Innovation Committee, including a capital threshold of 500,000 yuan and more than 2 years (including 2 years) of experience in the securities market. The emergence of the Sci-tech 50ETF not only provides investors with a low-threshold investment channel for the Sci-tech Innovation Board, but also focuses on high-quality goals in the Sci-tech Innovation Board, enriching the toolbox for investors to participate in the investments of the Sci-Tech Innovation Board.

The Science and Technology Innovation 50 Index is comprised of 50 stocks with large market capitalization and good liquidity on the Science and Technology Innovation Board. Not only is it fully representative, it also has industry-defining characteristics. It is mainly concentrated in next-generation information technology, biomedicine, high-end equipment and other strategic emerging sectors. The high R&D characteristics of the constituent companies make the science and innovation attributes of the index particularly important and its medium and long-term profitability is evident.

The top-level sector distribution of the constituent stocks of the Science and Technology 50 index includes computers, electronics, medical and biological, etc., with strong technological attributes and a high concentration of the industry, which is a concentrated expression of the future high- Chinese tech.

Wind data shows that as of the close of November 13, the cumulative increase in the Science and Technology 50 Index this year was 43.69%, significantly exceeding the 18.56% increase in the Shanghai 300 Index and Shenzhen in the same period.

Ordinary investors invest in 50ETF sci-tech products, which is equivalent to buying 50 major sci-tech board stocks with one click and the purchase price is around 100 yuan. After the Kechuang 50ETF is listed, it can be bought, redeemed and traded. Each fund company has also made various preparations for investment operations and liquidity support for its listed funds.

Zhao Xu, fund manager of the ICBC Credit Suisse Technology Innovation ETF, said the launch of the Technology Innovation 50 ETF has effectively lowered the investment threshold for the Science and Technology Innovation Board. Through the self-evolution of the Science and Technology 50 index, it can effectively help investors solve the judgment problems of the frontier industries of science and technology and achieve the effect of diversifying the fluctuation risk of individual stocks. In the long run, the sci-tech innovation board market will gradually become bigger and stronger and is expected to lead the new development of the Chinese technology cycle. The Sci-tech 50ETF is one of the most effective ways to invest in key assets in this field, helping investors share investment in the Chinese tech cycle value.

Fund manager of Huaxia Science and Technology 50 ETF said the Science and Technology Innovation Board reflects the direction of China’s future high-tech development. The Science and Technology Innovation 50 index is one of the representative indices of the sector and brings together the leading technology companies of the Science and Technology Innovation Board. In the future, as the number of companies listed on the Science and Technology Innovation Board continues to increase, the constituent stocks of the Science and Technology 50 Index will also be updated accordingly and the gold content will be higher. As a result, investors can use Daokechuang 50ETF, a tool-based product, to better seize the investment opportunities offered by the development of Chinese technology innovation.


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