FedEx combines the Blockchain hub of Hyperledger with Advance Widescale Adoption


A new press release published yesterday claims that FedEx, the US-based courier service, has just entered Hyperledger.

FedEx becomes the new partner of Hyperledger

According to Press releaseFedEx has just partnered with Hyperledger, an open source blockchain project that aims to revolutionize blockchain cross-industry technologies. Hyperledger is hosted by the Linux Foundation and its goal is to enable different organizations to create new applications that would be based on blockchain technology.

In addition to the apps, these organizations would also be able to build industry-class platforms and even entire hardware systems that would improve their business transactions. FedEx's decision to join the project made him one of over 270 members.

These include numerous large companies such as Intel, JPMorgan, IBM, Deutsche Boerse, among others. Kevin Humphries, senior vice president of FedEx Services, commented on the move stating that there are big implications for blockchain technology.

Despite the fact that many people consider this technology still in a state of childhood, it has a lot of potential to reshape logistics, supply chains, transportation and other aspects of FedEx's business.

Blockchain technology: a path to the future

This is not the first time FedEx has made a move that would bring it closer to blockchain technology.

In February of this year, the company became part of the BiTA (Blockchain in Transport Alliance), a group whose members also include some major companies, such as GE transportation, JD Logistics and BNSF. The goal of BiTA is to implement blockchain technology in order to improve security and transparency in the shipping sector.

Brian Behlendorf, executive director of Hyperledger, said earlier that DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) technology would bring many changes to the business world. He even predicted that the use of this technology will reduce the power of companies like Amazon, Facebook and even Google.

In the new press release, he commented on the growth in the rate of adoption of this technology, but also the value. He said that blockchain technology is gaining ground in many industries around the world.

As for FedEx, the company has demonstrated a proactive approach when it comes to adopting blockchain technology. Fred Smith, CEO of the company, has declared at the start of this year that he believes blockchain technology will be the "next frontier" in the global supply chain world.

Only a few months later, the FedEx Institute of Technology entered into a new partnership, this time with Good Shepherd Pharmacy. This is a pharmaceutical services company and the goal of the partnership is to see the development of new infrastructure. The infrastructure would be based on blockchain technology and would significantly help cancer patients by providing easy access to the necessary drugs.

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