Facebook is hiring engineers and researchers for its blockchain team


It seems that Facebook is trying to intensify the "decentralization" efforts. The social media giant is currently recruiting blockchain engineers and researchers.

Facebook wants to add a data scientist, a data engineer and a couple of software engineers to its growing blockchain group, according to its career page (via SludgeFeed).

"The blockchain team is a Facebook startup, with a vision to make blockchain technology work on a Facebook scale, "announcements said." It's a group of small, fast-growing, but talented people who are passionate about changing the world . "

In addition, the company is also taking a product marketing lead to manage the project. "Our blockchain team is key to this mission and we are looking for an experienced leader to build and run a new product marketing team focused on the exploration of the opportunities that the Blockchain will bring, "says Facebook in the job description.

Facebook on the blockchain?

Considering that at the beginning of this year the titan of social media has created a whole team to explore cases of use of blockchain, today's news should not be surprising.

In fact, the company already had a dozen people working on blockchain and cryptocurrency technology in May. The effort was led by former Messenger leader, David Marcus, who previously served as a member of the board of Coinbase.

The rumors about Facebook's interest in decentralized frameworks began to circulate after CEO Mark Zuckerberg suggested he believes that blockchain and cryptocurrency technology has the potential to "take power from centralized systems and put it back into people's hands" .

It remains to be seen what Facebook can do with technology. But taking into account the regulatory uncertainties surrounding the blockchain and the cryptocurrency, it is likely that the company will take some time – or bet on a private blockchain like other companies did.

Published 10 December 2018 at 11:01 UTC

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