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Nabataeans –The Arab Renaissance Organization for Democracy and Development (ARD) held the third session of a series of regional dialogues on social protection in the Arab world last Tuesday on the Internet, entitled “Crisis of the Crown and Future of the Arab World”, according to a statement released today.

The director of the series, Al-Ain, Dr. Sawsan Al-Majali, asked fundamental questions related to the future of the Arab world after this crisis and the fate of their people, asking about the political and social rights of the countries and the extent of the focus on research centers in the Arab world and their role at this stage and in the future, and whether they have a proactive role regarding the pandemic. Corona, for what is happening in the Arab world and in the whole world. The session included the Vice President of Studies at Carnegie Endowment, the former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Jordan, Dr. Marwan Muasher, director of the Asfari Institute for Civil Society and Citizenship at the American University of Beirut, Dr. Dina Al-Khawaja, director of the Center for Strategic Studies at the University of Jordan, and the chairman of the organization’s board of directors, Dr. Zaid. .

Al-Muasher stressed that the annuity system that depends on the oil economy without production must change, warning against continuing to do business in the Arab world in the same way.

Al-Muasher stressed the Jordan state’s success in containing the crisis in the short term and its need for different medium and long term tools, stating that the next stage requires a participatory decision.

At the regional level, Al-Khawaja said that the Asfari Institute is working on a research project aimed at shedding light on the correct role of government in 6 Arab countries, regarding health issues, the relationship of the state with the sector of work, the state control function, the relationship of the state with the market and bring the issue of governance back to the fore. For its part, among the clinics that the Center for Strategic Studies has worked to contribute to education and spread knowledge about Corona and the role of government around it, referring to the research project that the center is currently undertaking, which examines the challenges and various aspects of the crisis and its impact on society. Regarding the challenges facing the Arab world, the speakers indicated that the Arab world has been stuck in its crisis for more than half a century, which has caused major changes in societies, including the absence of social justice and the ‘deepening of the crisis of confidence between governments and Arab peoples in the absence of participation and dialogue. In response to recommendations regarding how Arab countries are prepared for future pandemics, the speakers unanimously stressed the importance of focusing on the triad of poverty, famine and unemployment and the need to act in terms of awareness of the risks arising from this. crisis and to make bold decisions to address this crisis and others.

The speakers stressed that addressing the pandemic only as a health crisis and excessive control, and not dividing the costs of the social crisis of the pandemic among those with economic influence, thwarts the attempt to summon citizenship as a right, stressing that transparency in governance it’s the base.

The speakers advised to reconstruct a new social contract written by the various components of the state.

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