Exchange to use Ripple XRP as base currency. Tuesday, July 31st


Important Ripple News

Exchange uses Ripple XRP as base currency

A new decentralized exchange DCEX, a company based in San Francisco has announced that it will begin registration for users even if it added that trading will start on the platform for another couple of weeks. The company is a subsidiary of the Alphapoint cryptocurrency service company which confirmed it through a publication on Monday

. The exchange based on a post on his website also indicated that Ripple XRP should be used as a base currency on its platform making it the first exchange that uses the third most capitalized currency to dominate its trading pairs.

AlphaPoint CEO post Salil Donde said the exchange will be available to offer 15 digital currencies as trading pairs right now. These will include XRP, bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum, ethereum classic, vechain, zcash and TrueUSD with stable currencies. However, the post stated that DCEX will add new ones and ADA, among other currencies in the coming months. DCEX also offers access to all 10 coins listed in the Bloomberg Galaxy Crypto Index, which include monero, EOS and dash.

Donde said that the choice of Ripple XRP will allow DCEX to transfer funds quickly with low transaction costs. This is because the XRP platform is designed for low rates and high-speed transactions and the company thinks this will leverage many existing exchanges that are known to charge rates that discourage some users, taking into account the cost of the transaction on the networks, these taxes could add up to a considerable amount.

Ripple Price

Ripple (XRP) Stabilizes around $ 0.44

Ripple, the currency has had many challenges this year, mainly due to its relationship with Ripple, the company . This led to a decline in the value of the currency at $ 0.5 with expectations that the currency will continue to fall. However, the indications show that XRP has stabilized between $ 0.44 and $ 0.45.

XRP / USD price chart, Tuesday 31 July:

  Ripple News and Price Overview: exchange to use XRP ripple as base currency. Tuesday, July 31

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