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  Ukraine NEM Blockchain

Blockchain technology was deployed for the Ukrainian elections in a test according to a Facebook post by Alexander Stelmakh, a Central Electoral Commission of Ukraine.

A test started several weeks ago and the vote is currently being held with test coins provided by the NEM Foundation.

Blockchain makes it impossible to edit the saved information, the post noted. Decentralization of data is also considered beneficial. The NEM blockchain allows a user to create his own resources. In addition, the blockchain log structure includes a message box that allows the user to attach a message.

All information protocols are displayed in the format section on the blockchain. Assisted transactions can also be viewed on the blockchain. In addition, the NEM API allows users to access data in an easy-to-use format.

Worth The Cost

The estimated cost of placing the results on the blockchain will be small in exchange for preserving such socially important data for life, Stelmakh noted.

The NEM website notes that the foundation is committed to working with governments to expand the use of the NEM blockchain and that the ability to register transactions in distributed mixed books gives governments the opportunity to improve transparency, prevent fraud and building trust.

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Blockchain Voting Gains Traction

In 2016, a blockchain for open democracy called E-Vox committed to deploy vote based on the blockchain in Ukraine signed a memorandum to support a voting system based on the blockchain. The memorandum was signed by volunteers and organizations to give the world of electronic voting a fair and transparent decision-making process, according to the E-Vox website.

The Swiss city, Zug, recently decided to test the vote based on blockchain using the eID of the city system to vote with their smartphones. Residents were able to download an app to register to vote.

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