eToro's CEO reminds investors Ethereum (ETH) is still the most popular Smart Contract platform


  eToro CEO reminds investors Ethereum (ETH) is still the most popular smart contract platform

Ethereum is the most used Smart Contract platform according to eToro's CEO

During a recent interview , a cryptocurrency portal has brought together the CEO of Sirin Labs, Moshe Hogeg, CEO of Orbs, Daniel Peled, founder and CEO of eToro Yoni Assia and CEO of One Alpha, Yaniv Feldman to talk about the future of blockchain of Ethereum and how this network will go after the failure of Ico.

While the monthly funding obtained through Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) is still a bit low, it has increased somewhat. last month from $ 417 to about $ 500 million. The numbers indicate that Hash Graph was able to get $ 100 million in funding and tZero, $ 54 million dollars. However, Bitcoin's dominance is increasing and more and more people are starting to worry if Ethereum is a good platform to raise money or not.

The Opinion of Experts

Moshe Hogeg claimed that the utility token market is far from being dead. In his opinion, the ICO still collect a lot of money, but most of the ETH is converted back into Fiat. This helps the sector but damages it at the same time because the employees are not paid in the ETH and, when they are, they are generally limited to cash out. People do not archive ETH.

Sirin Labs CEO believes that this is a good time to enter the market, even if prices are low and it has been shown that ICOs have evaluated when they see the examples last year.

Even Hogeg admitted that he was using ETH and BTC to exchange with the USD to pay his employees, however. According to him, you have to pay salaries and suppliers. In this way, the money is invested, but turned into USD. Many tokens lost value, so he said that many people sold their tokens during the year and that people who decided not to do so ended up losing money in the long run.

Daniel Peled has appointed many utility tokens have lost all their value this year. Many of them were simply immature and unprepared for the market, while others had much fanfare but were empty despite their promises.

According to him, one of the main objectives of developers must simply create better blockchain technology above current levels to solve scalability problems, governance problems and privacy issues

Yaniv Feldman, on the other hand , was mainly concerned about how Ethereum used its Ether (ETH) as gas and said that this can be considered a fundamental problem of the platform, but it is not necessary that it is the end of the utilities.

Finally, eToro's CEO revealed that he was confident about Ethereum and that it is the most widely used smart contracting platform in the world. According to the CEO, the Ethereum blockchain will acquire much value in the future with new apps and smart contract technology.

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