eToro: the price of Litecoin could be a "massive discount for what it should be worth"

  Charlie Lee Bullish Bitcoin
Charlie Lee: Creator of Litecoin

Litecoin (LTC) could be one of the best investment opportunities available in crypto-verses. This was reflected in a report published by e-Toro this August, which speaks of the evolution and the current state of the popular cryptocurrency created by Charlie Lee.

The "LTC Market Research" was prepared under the responsibility of Mati Greenspan, a well-known analyst and expert in the field of cryptocurrencies, who did not hesitate to show the advantages of this cryptocurrency, as well as a favorable future prospect for prices this famous blockchain token.

Litecoin: Silver 2.0 [19659006] Litecoin "width =" 173 "height =" 115 "srcset =" -to-Bitcoin & # 39; s-Gold-The -Rapid-and-Appealing-Advance-of-Litecoin-compressor-300×199.jpg 300w, Litecoin-LTC-The-Silver-to-Bitcoin & # 39; s- Gold-The-Rapid-and-Appealing-Advance-of-Litecoin-compressor-768×510.jpg 768w, / uploads / 2017/08 / Litecoin-LTC-The-Silv er-to-Bitcoin & # 39; s-Gold-The-Rapid-and-Appealing-Advance-of-Litecoin-compressor-1024×680.jpg 1024w, https: / / -The-Silver-to-Bitcoin & # 39; s-Gold-The-Rapid-and-Appealing-Advance-of-Litecoin-compressor-450×300 .jpg 450w, Litecoin-LTC-The-Silver-to-Bitcoin & # 39; s-Gold-The-Rapid-and-Appealing-Advance- of-Litecoin-compressor.jpg 1351w "sizes =" (maximum width: 17 3px) 100vw, 173px "/>" If Bitcoin is digital gold, then Litecoin is digital silver. " These are the words with which the relationship begins, allowing investors and the public to place their minds in a more traditional context (the commodity market).

The report states that the LTC has similar uses to those of Bitcoin, even if due to its characteristics it may be closer to the definition of "liquid money" than to that of "value reserve", although it is suitable to satisfy both roles. [19659008] "Litecoin (LTC) is by far one of the most established networks in cryptographic space. It is already used by many as a store of value and a means of exchange and therefore can be considered as money "

Buy The Dip?

The report shows a potential long-term uptrend in prices, thanks to a series of revolutionary partnerships that the development team has achieved over time For e-Toro, current times represent an excellent opportunity to buy and invest in this cryptocurrency:

"The revolutionary partnerships that have been formed by the Litecoin Foundation position this crypt for long-term success. According to the metrics we analyzed below, the current price that LTC is trading could be seen as a huge discount on what it should be worth. "

Bitcoin and Litecoin: similar but different (just like gold and silver) [19659010]   BTC Trading Mr. Greenspan also commented that there are numerous factors that allow you to easily compare LTC and BTC with the silver and gold market From the availability of both products to the ease of extraction and price fluctuation, Litecoin aims more at convenience while Bitcoin aims at accumulation and large operations :

Litecoin, being cheaper, more numerous and allowing faster and faster transactions, aims to become a standard for smaller transactions, while Bitcoin may remain the preferred currency for very large payments and deposits of value …

The relationship between Bitcoin and Litecoin is also quite similar to that of Silver and Gold. "

Mati also mentioned that it is possible that Litecoin is currently oversold due to the current bear market. It is important, however, to thoroughly investigate not only this crypt, but all other options before making a risky financial investment.

At the moment, LTC is trading at around 57USD. Cryptocurrency is ranked 7 on the global market

Chart: Coinmarketcap

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