eToro CEO says that the bitcoin demand is inexorable because the encrypted trading platform adds IOTA and increases Litecoin


The CEO of the eToro Encryption Platform states that Bitcoin's demand is stronger than ever despite the fall in the price of BTC this year.

Today, eToro added IOTA, bringing the total number of coins available up to 12.

Yoni Assia says that the market correction of this year it is healthy and necessary, as reported by NewsBTC.

"In our view, the recent market correction is positive for the long-term development of the market: cryptographic resources are still a relatively nascent market, and emerging technologies like this often see their value fluctuating in the early days. Market corrections such as the ones we have experienced recently help to stabilize prices and make the industry more robust, despite these adjustments, however, we have not seen a significant drop in demand for digital goods. " [19659003] The company's market research department also revealed its analysis of Litecoin, highlighting the current advantage of the speed of money transactions compared to Bitcoin. [19659009] "Litecoin (LTC) is by far one of the most well-established networks in cryptospatism, it is already used by many as a store of value and a means of exchange and therefore can be considered as money. formed by the Litecoin Foundation place this crypt for long-term success.

According to the metrics we analyzed below, the current price that LTC is trading could be seen as a huge discount on what it should be worth. .

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Litecoin, being cheaper, more numerous and allowing faster and faster transactions, aims to become a standard for smaller transactions, while Bitcoin may remain the currency of choice for much large and value deposits …

Given that Litecoin has a well-established stable and functioning product base, as well as a meaningful adoption, this or the bearish market of the entire cryptocurrency sector may have led to the loss of Litecoin. "

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