Ethereum's portfolios are enabling transaction planning, a killer feature


  Ethereum Wallet Transaction Scheduling

MyCrypto, a non-guarded Ethereum token portfolio and ERC20 created by the co-founder of MyEtherWallet, has integrated a feature that allows Ethereum users to plan ETH transactions ahead of time.

MyCrypto, an open-source portfolio that is structurally similar to MyEtherWallet, users can link hardware portfolios such as Trezor and other unattended portfolios such as MetaMask to use their existing portfolios on a better interface.

As such, ETH transaction planning capabilities on MyCrypto can be used by any Ethereum portfolio user simply by linking their existing portfolios with MyCrypto.

Transaction Planning

MyCrypto is the first portfolio platform to implement native cryptocurrency transaction planning using the smart Chrono Logic and Time-based Ethereum debt contracts based on innovation.

With it, users of Ethereum can now send transactions in advance on the main Ethereum network, which op Provide the possibility of types of payments that simply did not exist before.

For example, with the function, users of Ethereum can send funds to an ICO in advance to refrain from being excluded from selling tokens, sending payments to early registrations and planning transactions with commercial partners or suppliers.

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"Maybe you want to get into that last hot ICO but you will be away from your computer Maybe you want an ENS domain name and you do not want to miss the publishing period Maybe you have to pay at a certain time p for a subscription. Perhaps you would like to send a reminder in the future (although there are probably better options for this), "said the MyCrypto team.

In an interview with the Chrono Logic team, the co-creator of Ethereum Vitalik Buterin stated that planning transactions is a feature that is very valuable, as he explained:

"I know there was much interest in it [Ethereum alarm clock] in the distant past when Piper created the alarm clock. It looks like something that could be very precious. "

Taylor Monahan, founder and CEO of MyCrypto, echoed a sentiment similar to that of Buterin, stating:

" I think that the possibility of many things opens up. One of these is the multi-step transaction. When you have to complete a step and then wait for something to happen, if it's something in the real world or, for example, with ENS. "

Other Portfolios Interested

MetaMask software developer Frankie Pangilinan said that alarms are good for subscriptions, while Ledger co-founder Nicolas Bacca said the team is exploring ways to implement the alarm clock in hardware portfolios to add the transaction planning function.

"I see how we can work with a hardware portfolio to make sure your transaction is properly planned, I mean it was scheduled at the right time," Bacca noted. [19659003] Because the planning and execution of transactions are completed with smart contracts and the code of smart contracts used by Ethereum Alarm Clock and Chrono Logic are controlled, there is no risk that transactions will fail or be sent at the wrong time. [19659003] Images from Shutterstock

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