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Ethereum's latest update: Joseph Lubin is still quiet 7 months after taking the Ethereum (ETH) dApps bet – ETH News Today

According to Jimmy
He sang a bitcoin engineer who became an instructor, seven months later he and Joseph
Lubin announced a public bet on the future of the Ethereum Blockchain,
the CEO of ConsenSys had put the funds where he was
the mouth is We can remember it at Consensus, Lubin and Song both
announced that they would like a
Bold bet at the event "any amount of bitcoin". Both men bet that the
availability of dApp (decentralized apps) with real user traction
it will be more widespread in the next five years. Now Song claimed that Lubin
he did not put the money in the bet.

Ethereum Price (ETH)
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Song: Lubin should not be taken
Seriously about your bet

Despite the fact
the bet was completely publicized at the time
occurred with Lubin on the support side and Song on the opposite side,
the conditions of the bet were supposed
to be addressed later. Using the social media platform on Twitter
December 22, Song claimed that despite
of Lubin's bullish declarations towards decentralization
applications and constantly confident tone regarding the theme of creation
a new decentralized paradigm on the
Ethereum (ETH) Blockchain, has yet to put funds behind his bet either
prediction. Which according to Song shows that Lubin should not be taken seriously when he gives his bullish predictions.

Bet of Lubin etereum

The highly discussed bet buys
the CEO of ConsenSys became a bone of contention for many months, with both of them
people never reach a concrete
agreement on the exact terms of the bet.

The song during an appearance on the Unchained podcast in June maintained its position that Bitcoin (BTC)
it will always be a precious and primary digital currency because it is a "sound"
currency. "According to the Bitcoin engineer, Lubin could actually win the bet if at least five decentralized applications have at least 10,000
daily active users plus 100,000 monthly active users in a further 6 month period. On the other hand, Lubin has
It has been consistently non-binding when it comes to highlighting the exact terms
of the bet he would willingly accept.

Lubin & # 39; s Ethereum dApps Investments via ConsenSys is
Enough enough to make your bet trivial

The type of reactions The post on Twitter of Song has changed considerably, with a discussion between users
that the large investments of Etereum dApp of Lubin through the ConsenSys platform are sufficient to be classified as sufficient "skins"
in the game "make his bet trivial and unimportant while a myriad of others
stated that after a few months of operations, ConsenSys did not produce a single decentralized application successfully within the parameters
underlined by Song. Still, others have
he argued that if the Ethereum dApps took off
as Lubin announces, he will not say much about Ethereum Blockchain
because even the dApp technology is based
on Bitcoin (BTC)

Song's accusations to the CEO of ConsenSys arrive during a
difficult period for the start which was severely hit by a fall
cryptic market conditions. CCN reported on Sunday
that Lubin had responded to the news concerning his recent ConsenSys layoffs in Italy
To deny that the reorganization in recent times is significant for any type of
long-term descending action in Ether

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