Ethereum's latest update: Binance shows support for Constantinople's Ethereum (ETH) Fork scheduled for January 16th – ETH this week


The UK-based Crypto Trading platform launches future Ethereum contracts

The long-awaited Ethereum (ETH) Constantinople hard
the fork that was to be published on January 16, 2019 could occur a few hours before or after the scheduled date
the launch. Although, this will depend on the height of the targeted block of
7080000. The kind of enormity and excitement caused by the update led to the third most precious cryptocurrency
Ethereum (ETH) records significant gains during
the last two weeks.

Binance reveals that he will support the Ethereum
Fork of Constantinople

Top exchange Binance has recently announced that it will strongly support the etereum Constantinople
fork scheduled for January 16th. The exchange has asked its owners to
ETH to allow enough time for their deposits to be fully processed before the height of the target block is reached. Binance continued to reassure him
users and merchants who will manage the technical requirements of
l & # 39; event. As per Binance's announcement:

"We will take
taking care of all the technical requirements involved in the project for our users
who are holding Ether

Waiting to reach 7, 08 000 Hard Block Block Height,
the launch time can be between 2019/01/14 and 2019/01/18.

The possibilities of more forks and hard launches during the

The rigid fork of Ethereum Constantinople has received support from many in the space it has achieved
consensus in the Ether community. However, it remains a subtle possibility that
there may be more hard forks like Ethereum
community members and developers want to conduct their own versions by updating the Ethereum network. So, a reason why
Binance added the following information if such a situation occurred:

"In case there are other harsh forks or
launches on the period of Ethereum Constantinople hard fork, we are inviting the
respective project teams to reach us a [email protected] to discuss further.

The Performance of Ethereum (ETH) Since last December

Starting from mid-December
2018 Ethereum (ETH) had fallen to third place among the top currencies by market capitalization. This development occurred later
the XRP token was able to usurp Ethereum (the King of Smart Contracts) from
position number two as the sentiment of the bear market has expanded widely with the maximum digital
Bitcoin asset (BTC) trading at $ 3,200 at some point during the period. To that
same period, the price of Ethereum (ETH) is around $ 83.

However, after the Ethereum Constantinople,
the hard fork
has been confirmed and the fact that it will involve a
many improvements to the Ethereum network. It has been renovated
interest in the ETH token, which in turn
led to the digital resource to reclaim its previous number two positions
a day ago. The value of Ether is
currently $ 153, which indicates an increase in the value of 84.3% during a period of two and a week compared to
the $ 83 registered in mid-December 2018.

With only two weeks left until the date scheduled for the Ethereum
Forcella di Costantinopoli, the second most valuable digital resource could only support its revenue streak in
Cryptic market as excitement abounds and curiosity grows.

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