Ethereum wizards gather in Prague before Devcon4


The Fellowship of Ethereum Magicians plans to hold its Prague Council before the Ethereum global developer conference.

According to an August 10 announcement by Fellowship of Ethereum Maghi, a self-organized group of Ethereum developers, the group will meet for its Prague Council in the days leading up to the Ethereum Global Developer Conference Devcon4. This event is the last of the multiannual meetings of the confraternity in person, preceded by the Paris Council in March (in the margins of the Ethereum community conference) and by the Berlin Council in July.

The wizards will acquire the style of the inconference, that is to say, based on the informal exchange of information and ideas among the participants. The author of the announcement, Boris Mann, points out that the events of this meeting will be "specifically different" compared to those of Devcon4. Members of the rings (company working groups dealing with particular topics) and the authors of the Ethereum improvement proposal (EIP) can work together with the Prague Council to make progress on various EIPs and Ethereum comment requests ( ERC).

The fellowship has a wiki agenda available through GitHub where wizards and other members of the Ethereum community can help build the collection program and publicly list their participation, if desired. The work sessions will be separated into slots of a few hours.

A relatively new group, the company was assembled by Ethereum players Jamie Pitts and Greg Colvin "to maximize technical opportunities, share ideas and collaborate effectively, online and in person, across national, organizational boundaries and of another type "with regard to the progress of the network improvement process, such as through EIP and ERC. Pitts, Colvin and Mann all appeared at the most recent Ethereum Core Devs meeting to discuss the mission, vision, values ​​and work of the group.

In addition to hosting the Prague Council, the Czech capital will also be the site of the state hackathon from 26 to 28 October and the decentralized insurance developer conference on 29 October.

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