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MetaMask, Ethereum & # 39; s (ETH), the most popular standard portfolio and ERC20 created by ConsenSys, has released its mobile client according to reports. Joseph Lubin, CEO and founder of ConsenSys in New York, revealed this information via the official MetaMask mobile user interface.

The advantage of the MetaMask mobile client

MetaMask is now the go-to wallet for Ether and ERC20 token users. This is due to its ability to handle various dApp requests and a simple user interface that facilitates the transfer of ETH and any token launched on the Ethereum blockchain (ETH).

For years, MetaMask users have requested a mobile client because most Ether users rely on MetaMask as their main portfolio. For two years, MetaMask was available to users only in a browser extension format on Chrome, Firefox and Brave. It was also limited to mobile users.

From the beginning of 2014, crypto users preferred mobile portfolios for the merits of security and the advantages offered by mobile portfolios. The presence of TEEs (trusted execution environment) in smartphones usually allows devices to store data almost impossible to reach for hackers.

As an unattended wallet, MetaMask offers users full control of their funds. Although, users will have to take responsibility for their private keys (or password). Furthermore, storing them on public or cloud platforms can be insecure.

What delayed MetaMask initiative for so long?

The new MetaMask mobile client is similar to existing platforms such as Status, although with additional features. Instead of operating as an Ethereum (ETH) portfolio, the mobile client will function as "Google Play Store for dApps or a dApp browser.

Users will now be able to run multiple dApps on MetaMask mobile, including CryptoKitties, by linking the wallet to the dApp. This will allow a perfect processing of information on the Ethereum mainnet. Ethereum Price (ETH) today – ETH / USD

The MetaMask version of its mobile client will open a wide range of dApp to multiple Ethereum users, who had not previously used dApp because of lack of accessibility.

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