Ethereum veterans join forces to create the DAV Foundation


Ethereum veterans join forces to create the DAV Foundation

The DAV Foundation, led by the veterans of Ethereum, began working on the formation of their startup to create a decentralized global network for autonomous vehicles.

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DAV Foundation to Tie Loose Autonomous Vehicle Ends

Startup Zug, based in Switzerland, which had a successful ICO in just two weeks in June, is building a decentralized global network for autonomous vehicles. The DAV network provides a platform to enable the smooth flow of information between land, sea and sky vehicles and the people and infrastructure that interact with them, using blockchain technology.

Their network includes drones and drone docks, as well as boats and search and rescue robots. The network, built on the Ethereum platform, is powered by DAV tokens.

 Logistics DAV Foundation

Ethereum Alumni Join Forces

The DAV Foundation is unique in that its formation includes an impressive list of former and current members of the Ethereum Foundation. The dott. Greg Colvin was a principal developer of Ethereum. Nick Johnson is the creator and main developer of the naming service Ethereum and a former Google engineer. Johnson will be primarily responsible for scalability.

Tung Chan, DAV's general counsel, was the General Counsel for the Ethereum Foundation, who served as the Hawaii State Commissioner for over eight years. John Frazer was responsible for external relations for the Ethereum Foundation. His role will be in communications.

The founder and CEO of DAV Noam Copel said of the team behind the startup:

"The collective talent we have on board here speaks for itself, but above all, it is exhilarating to see that these professionals in the Ethereum space share our passion for the future of transportation Now we have the right people to bring the DAV Network even further It's so exciting to see what we can achieve now. "

The group also boasts former executives from SAP, UPS, Equinix, IBM, Cisco , in addition to two former NASA astronauts. DAV expects to face the Paket competition, as well as the FedEx-supported logistics alliance known as Blockchain in Transportation Alliance (BiTa). Another transport and logistics startup, SUKU, was founded by former Deloitte employees.

Say yours. While ICO's heyday is approaching, is this the kind of team you'd like to support in a token sale?

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