Ethereum Update [ETH] Foundation Foundts – Wave 3 winners announced


On 17 August, an important digital currency platform, Ethereum published a blog on Twitter regarding the updating of the Ethereum Foundation on the Grants program. The foundation also announced the recipients of the third wave of grants in the program's initiative.

  Official announcement of Ethereum on Twitter | Source: Twitter

Official announcement of Ethereum on Twitter | Source: Twitter

The Ethereum Foundation has confirmed that it has dedicated up to $ 11 million to a total of 52 projects dedicated to promoting the Ethereum network.

The Ethereum foundation team has gathered massive responses to the participants' request for the Grants program to increase the transparency of its processes. The feedback also includes the request to the team to consider in detail the different types of projects that could be adopted.

In the current 3-round wave of the EF program, the team has attempted to refine its internal processes to ensure that funds are disbursed in a timely manner. The team also hopes to award grants to candidates on an ongoing basis, thus ensuring timely support to teams and projects that drive transparency and decentralization.

The EF program hopes to receive candidates who have well-formed technical knowledge, a good understanding of the project roadmap and a propensity to promote collaboration within the Ethereum ecosystem.

In the launch of the Wave 3 program, the EF team stated that their goal is to start productively projects that could further the critical infrastructure of the nascent Ethereum community. The team also claimed that the launch of Wave 3 had a group of candidates who possessed strong teams with a series of ingenious ideas. The wide variety of projects presented by applicants from around the world who have had the common passion to promote the progress of Ethereum was a surprise, says the EF team.

Wave 3 finalists have been announced on the official Ethereum Foundation blog. Three winners were chosen for each category, namely Scalability, Safety, Usability, Education and Hackternips.

The EF team said that although the focus of EF grants is on scalability, the team would like to fund other critical work in the future. This would consist of improving UX, funding for new customers and high-level languages, the best development tools and attempts to improve applications based on Ethereum.

Through Wave 3, the Ethereum Foundation has expanded its sphere of education and has

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