Ethereum status releases Embark 3.2


September 27, 2018 14:00

The Dapp-building framework has some new sexy features.

According to the information shared with ETHNews, Status Projects, a Status arm dedicated to Web3 progress, has launched Embark 3.2. The latest version of the Dapp-building framework includes various features to further help developers "launch into" ether".

The development of Embark makes the Dapp mobile service provider more than just a browser. The status efforts have attracted the attention of the encrypted crowd, including individuals such as Vitalik Buterin, who tweeted in August, "he did not see the time of Nimbus", the leading client of the team based on the Nim programming language.

The crew also offered a space for people go out during Devcon4 if they could not guarantee tickets for the annual event (tickets sold out quickly!). The moves in this way, together with the progress of the organization with Embark, demonstrate the commitment of the Status in the growth of the Ethereum ecosystem.

Iuri Matias, creator of the Dapp construction facility, said ETHNews on the enthusiasm of his team for the launch:

"We are all very excited about Embark 3.2 as it is a big step for us as a team and product, we have included 20 major updates … [and] about 45 minor updates and bug fixes. These are the kinds of features that will make life easier for new developers of ethereum and some of the most experienced blockchain developers. We now have a very strong team to continue this kind of progress and look forward to the features we have in the pipeline. "

One of the key aspects of version 3.2 is support for the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) domains – regardless of the chain on which a developer is developing. The framework contains a simple command for developers make their Dapp compatible with names.

The ENS integration is increasing in the community of Ethereum, with projects ranging from Melonport (Crypto Asset Management) on MetaMask (Ethereum browser extension) that supports domains. Nick Johnson, chief developer of ENS, also mentioned the compatibility of the service with some Domain Name System addresses, including .xyz and .luxe (coming in October).

Embark 3.2 also features a rewritten build pipeline, the part of the overall development pipeline dedicated to coordinating and compiling the correct files to create a testable version of the code, which is customizable and allows simpler builds. Apparently, the construction process has historically been "a problem for many blockchain developers".

In addition, the framework supports EIP 1102, which requires websites to enable access to Web3 instead of automatically having Web3 instances in Web pages. With this update, the "Dapps" generated by Embark "should be fully compatible with the existing and future versions of "browsers compatible with Ethereum. MetaMask, for example, announced that it would stop the automatic injection of Web3 from 2 November.

Another improvement that comes with 3.2 is compatibility with Vyper, a Python programming language for Ethereum and Swarm, an Ethereum storage platform. The framework now supports the latest Vyper compiler, v0.1.0-beta.2, which allows developers to better see any compilation errors that may arise.

As for the integration of Swarm, 3.2 includes SwarmAPI, which is a JavaScript library that allows Dapps to interact with the Swarm gateway. Although this library is available separately and by itself, it is provided with the framework by default.

In previous updates, such as Embark 3.1: Planet Express, the team added "lightweight portfolio functionality", a revamped test framework, a loading screen and a transaction log, as well as other improvements. As seen with 3.2, the suite of development tools has come a long way from its initial release.

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