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Ethereum Price Prediction 2019: Will ETH cost $ 1,000?

Is it possible for Ethereum to reach the $ 1,000 mark in 2019? Let's take a look at the Ethereum 2019 pricing forecasts from cryptographers

2018 was a difficult year for investors: prices of the main cryptographic activities fell sharply with the price of Ethereum down 76% from January 2018 to November 2018. However, as always happens with any bear environment, experts predict improvements and the Ethereum 2019 price promises to regrow. Will Ethereum restore its previous position? We read Ethereum's predictions from cryptography experts and find out if Eth's investments still make sense.

Before starting to compare predictions and opinions, let's find out what happened to Ethereum.

Why did the price of Ethereum decrease in 2018?

Despite the highly positive Ethereum pricing forecast for 2018, the value of cryptocurrency was not at the height of operators' expectations. With crypts put on a pedestal by cryptic enthusiasts, how come this happened?

Bearish trend

The main explanation for the massive decline in the price of cryptography is the bear market which has mainly affected:



● Bitcoin cash

● XRP (although it managed to minimize losses).

Why did the market become bearish? The clearest reason is that Bitcoin ETFs have not been supported by the SEC. "Crypto investors hoped that the ETF would attract even more money", – explained David Zeiler, Morning Morning's cryptocurrency expert. ETFs will open up new opportunities for big investors and stabilize the market.

But since the SEC did not approve the Bitcoin ETFs, the cryptic investors lost their enthusiasm. As a result, it triggered the cash outflow.


Another reason why the prediction of Ethereum 2018 has failed is mass hacking. Although cryptographers are aware of cryptocurrency security practices, hackers invent new ways to steal hard earned tokens. According to the CCN.com statistics, by July 2018, cybercriminals stole the cryptography worth $ 731m from cryptographic exchanges. Zaif alone (the Japanese cryptographic exchange platform) lost $ 59 stolen from user accounts on September 19, 2018.

On August 24, 2018, hackers stole the $ 150,000 Ethereum from MyEtherWallet accounts that performed a DNS attack. According to Chinese Internet security company Qihoo 360 Netlab, hackers have stolen $ 20 million in Ether from poorly configured Ethereum mining platforms and third-party applications. Experts say cyberattacks target non-protected Ethereum nodes on the Internet.

The fall in prices is a countermove

According to Eric Wall, a Cinnober cryptocurrency expert, many Blockchain-based Ethereum projects that have made millions of US dollars billions last year have dumped the currency to trigger the effect on key global exchanges. Therefore, it would be logical that the price of Ethereum falls in response to it.

This situation was among the Eth experts' forecasts: some of them said that after record price growth, the market requires cooling. In the period from January 2017 to January 2018, the price of Ethereum was even better than Bitcoin: while BTC grew by 1,364%, Ethereum rose by 9.370%. The first crypto investors enormously multiplied their wealth and this provoked the adverse reaction.

Now, when prices are falling, investors are curious: what is the price forecast of Ethereum 2019? By buying Ethereum for the current $ 150, will you earn profits along the way?

Prediction of Ethereum prices: ETH will be bigger than bitcoin in the couple's next few years

Forecasts on Ethereum prices are mostly positive

Answering the previous question: yes, you should definitely consider buying Ethereum right now. Why?

1. Ethereum remains the main blockchain for the development of dApps. Not only does it make smart contracts, it also makes tools for decentralized software solutions that pop up day after day. The functionality of smart contracts is increasing and this technology is also supported by governments.

2. Many ICOs also use the Ethereum platform, which means that the future price of Ethereum should increase.

3. Ethereum is supported by some Fortune 500 companies and is incorporated by the financial organization. This factor increases the chances that the Eth price forecast will be positive.

The investments made at this time would be speculative: you can enjoy huge profits in the following year if you buy Eth today. But how big can your ROI be?

Price forecast Ethereum 2019 by experts

In fact, many cryptographic experts believe that Ethereum will rise in 2019. The lowest projections are:


The forecasts of Ethereum 2019

Potential return

Alisa Gus

$ 360


Joseph Raczynski

$ 400


Rabbi Ahmed

$ 420


Tiana Laurence

$ 450


Aaron LePoidevin

$ 500


Genson Glier

$ 550


Therefore, making a 100% return on investment would be a natural thing. Are there any other possible scenarios? Here are the Ethereum forecasts of some famous cryptic enthusiasts.

1. Joseph Raczynski (founder of Joe Technologist.com) is sure that the ETH value will reach $ 1,200 in a year. Furthermore, it states that the ETH network has the largest cryptographic community and development team, and the Ethereum concept demonstration is common among corporate collaborators.

2. Nigel Green (CEO of deVere Group) is very optimistic: he calculates that the future price of Ethereum could reach $ 2,500 by 2019. There are three reasons for this, including the growth of platforms using ETH, l & # 39; # 39; Increased demand for digital currencies and smart contracts and decentralization of cloud calculations.

3. Ian McLeod (technology expert for Thomas Crown Art) is less optimistic. According to its Ethereum pricing forecast, assets will be set at $ 500 in 2019, although the development team could achieve surprising new results. It expects BTC to lose 50% of its cryptographic market share to ETH in about 5 years.

4. Tom Lee (head of research at Fundstrat Global Advisors) believes that Ethereum will recover after critical losses in the next year and reach $ 1,900.

5. Craig Cobb (founder of TraderCobb.com) states that the cost of Ethereum will reach $ 240 by the end of 2019.

6. The Ethereum pricing of working animals is $ 908 by the end of 2019, but the average value could remain at the $ 650 level. It looks like a realistic opinion.

7. Brian Schuster (founder of Ark Capital LLC) designs big. He believes that assets can reach $ 100,000 or even higher in the next 5 years, and eventually replace gold with crypts. What is this price analysis of Ethereum based on? He does not explain.

Whales starting to move Ethereum assets

Does Ethereum cost $ 1,000 in 2019?

We have already witnessed the rise of Ethereum, so why doubt that this scenario can happen again? According to Coinswitch 2019 Ethereum pricing, the currency can reach $ 1,400 in 2019 thanks to the huge development of blockchain projects. Ethereum continues to be the number one blockchain platform for the implementation of smart contracts. Also, there are some technical improvements coming soon.

It is said that the co-founders of ETH Vitalik Buterin and Joseph Lubin took into consideration the introduction of deposit fees for smart contracts with other engineers. Finally, in the next 2 years, Ethereum will launch Proof of Stake which will allow users to earn their interest by using ETH in the network to validate transactions. In addition, the wagering test will result in a zero supply inflation because the stakers will not require large rewards considering the low cost of running a validation node. With the test of work, the miners of Ethereum have to spend a lot of money on electricity and hardware, which requires a greater reward for the service.

Another factor that comes into play is the combustion of gas: every transaction performed on Ethereum, one might expect that a small amount of Ether is burned. This proposal received mostly positive reactions from the developer community. The results of the PoS and the combustion of gas would be evident: the price of ether would rise.

Today, Ethereum is already in great demand in areas such as decentralized control, storage of digital resources, decentralized exchange and gambling. Therefore, as soon as the main Ethereum bottlenecks (high transaction costs, poor user experience) are eliminated, we can expect an increase in value growth because a higher level of demand would justify a $ 1,000 of aether.

However, some experts do not really think that Ethereum will recover its positions.

Despite a very bullish forecast in Eth, Tim Enneking, CEO of Digital Capital Management explained that "There are no drivers pushing the ETH to 40% beyond its previous all-time high". According to Matthew De Silva, a cryptic journalist from Quartz who made the prediction of Ethereum 2018 that its price will crush up to $ 179 (which actually happened), Ethereum is approaching zero, its natural state.

What is the price forecast of Ethereum 2019?

There are several factors contributing to the evolution of Ethereum:

1. Massive adoption of the Ethereum and smart contracts with decentralized applications and ICO.

2. Introduction of new technologies, such as pole testing and gas combustion.

3. Support from the government and financial organizations.

4. Bullish market trend.

As for the Ethereum price forecast in 2020, it is still early to judge: the next year promises to be another Russian mountain, so we do not know where it all ends.

BitDegree provides the following information:

The pricing of Ethereum seems to be close to reality, but does not issue any judgment until 2019. It promises to be full of ups and downs. Probably, Ethereum will never outperform Bitcoin for market capitalization, but Eth's forecasts are still positive, so do not miss your chance to make your ETH riches in 2019.

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