Ethereum of [ETH] Charles Hoskinson gives his ideas on the slow progress of IOHK


In an interview, Charles Hoskinson, co-founder of Ethereum and CEO of IOHK, told the Cardano community that nothing would derail the project or slow down its development. Speaking at an interview with Crypto Insider, he clarified the progress made by the community in the cryptocurrency space and how they established various projects in a short space of time.

Charles spoke about the various projects and constant progress that have been witnessed during the execution. He talked about the side chain protocol, the pole test, the programming language theory, and the two programming languages ​​they wrote, which he claimed were all hugely successful.

They have also created a completely new operating environment for intelligent contracts with the IELE virtual machine and have also understood how to use "formal methods" for the development of cryptocurrencies. He added:

"The back-end wallet we are launching with 1.4 is the first example of this, but now all our engineering is rotating this way.We have launched two test networks that are with KEVM and IELE and the backends for those were created directly from semantics using the framework K. "

He said progress could seem slow or even painful from the outside. He added that many people would compare IOHK with other projects and say that the IOHK platform is moving very slowly towards progress. He has declared:

"All I'm saying is guys, it's all interconnected"

Charles also added that they built an entire copy of Ethereum with the Mantis and Scala client. 15,000 lines of code use the Scala controls and was the first verified Ethereum client with property-based tests. They were running with the entire Ethereum Classic network. He also stated:

"It is possible to implement the full Ethereum Classic node with it and it is actually possible to have Ethereum support, so we wrote this as a small team of only seven people, it is not difficult to send something that is useful, updatable and meaningful. ".

According to Charles it would have been "a decade or two", but the platform was actually able to grow to a stage where they could overcome the incumbents. He added that the main objective was to obtain some liquidity and to ensure that all governance issues were "extrapolated". Furthermore, they would get a great community to work efficiently on progress.

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