Ethereum is now the best deal in the cryptic world


For those unfamiliar with ethereum, it is a cryptocurrency platform that can be used to do a series of things. But in the last year it was used to create hundreds of other cryptocurrencies.

You may have heard them named "altcoin". And the deadline for launching their new cryptocurrency is "ICO", or initial offer of coins.

When they do, they sell their coins on the open market and get ethereum in return. As a result, many creators of these altcoins have largely held the world ether,

. But during the fall / winter craze, many new coins have been exposed as frauds. Since then, regulation has increased, but there is still a level of fear that has scared many investors from ethereum.

 Millions of ethereum have been thrown into the market. So, if you're looking for an agreement in the crypto world, ethereum is hard to ignore.

The return of a year of ethereum is now negative. It never happened before. Not even in December 2016, when it was trading at a minimum of 10 months of $ 6.94. Even at that point, it was almost 700% compared to a year before.

Even coins that are legitimate have played a role in the immersion of ethereum. Survivors have fallen so much in terms of price that they need external funding. To survive, they sold all the ether they got during their ICO.

This was a deadly combination of events. More sellers now need money, and there are almost as many buyers.

The end result is that millions of ethereum have been thrown into the market, with fewer people willing to buy it, and as a result the price has been exploited.

So if you're looking for a deal in the cryptic world, ethereum is hard to ignore.

But be aware that he has not yet found a fund. And until the suffering altcoin will stop selling and buyers return to the market, they will continue to fall.

Like any investment, buying ethereum over time is the smarter approach. Instead of putting all your money at once into something that will most likely go down in price, put smaller amounts in whatever time frame you choose.

In this way, if it continues to fall, you will not be stuck in one


Ian Dyer

Editor, Rapid Profit Trader

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