Ethereum is not a security! Has the SEC been co-opted?


Ethereum It is not a security! Has the SEC been co-opted?

Has the SEC been co-opted? The position of the regulator in respect of the encrypted assets is nothing if not inconsistent, oscillating between absolute hostility and prudent accommodation. But the lack of recent noteworthy actions on ICOs and its position that ether is no longer a security could suggest that the regulator was under pressure from pro-crypto investors to lend to the industry. cryptographic ecosystem more space to grow unhindered by overbearing titles regulations

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Initial coin bids are bad … But lawyers

If the US Securities and Exchange Commission has been consistently clear on one thing is that the ICOs exceed (that is, fail) the Howey test and are investments made with the expectation of future returns deriving from the recipient's efforts. That is the proof of Howey's claret almost to the letter .

Jay Clayton told the US Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee that all the ICOs he had watched offered titles. Yet despite the occasional high-profile quotation and forced closure, there have been relatively few obvious actions in favor of the SEC to close them.

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