Ethereum [ETH]The blockchain and the crypto-influencer John Mcafee to regret the rare art


It came to light that the security software entrepreneur became a crypto-influencer, John McAfee allowed himself to sketch rare art. The news emerged when McAfee tweeted on his latest interests. Here, he claimed that tokenizing objects could be an innovative use case for blockchain technology.

By establishing the case in question, he announced that he will be involved in a Picasso tokenized auction by the end of December. In the original tweet published on November 15, he wrote:

"I'm helping to re-educate rare art objects – a revolutionary Blockchain application.At the end of December we will auction a Tokenised Picasso, this is our second tokenized painting.The first was a resounding success. . "

This is not the first time that the Founder of McAfee Associates has put his finger on a project related to cryptocurrencies and blockchains. He has been involved in various speculations on the crypto-market and in the promotion of different tokens, including Docademic [MTC].

At the beginning of this year, the business man has also taken a keen interest in exposing the crimes and unethical business practices of the cryptocurrency exchange, HitBTC. The two sides engaged in a hostile online battle, where harsh observations and accusations were made.

At the recently held Malta Summit, in the first week of November, McAfee made an appearance. Here, he made a bold statement on Bitcoin, predicting that the coin will reach the value of one million dollars by 2020.

Mecenate, which is a platform that facilitates participation in auctions based on blockchain fine arts, in his blog cited an exchange supported by Ethereum as one of his collaborations and said:

"Maecenas, the blockchain-based artistic investment platform, has collaborated with the cryptographic exchange and with the computer security expert John McAfee to conduct the first" perpetual "digitization and the tokenization of a & # 39, work of art of Picasso. "

crypto-vert, a Twitter user and a fan of the blockchain space, on the news of the tokenizing art of McAfee, commented:

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Priyamvada Singh

Priyamvada is a full-time journalist at AMBCrypto. A graduate in journalism and communication at Manipal University, she believes that blockchain technology is a revolutionary tool for advancing the future. Currently it has no value in cryptocurrencies.

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