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Ethereum (ETH) has just secured a new deal that will allow users to link their addresses to a high-level Internet domain name – making it much easier for users to remember linked identifiers to their services, portfolios and resources.

Ethereum Name Service Partnership

The Ethical Name Service (ENS) – which allows ETH users to exchange long addresses with "legible names" attached to a .eth domain – has collaborated with Minds + Machines Group ( MMX), a company that manages and owns "top-level domains" within the DNS (Domain Name System) of the Internet. The announcement of the partnership has arrived on Friday.

This means that users of Ethereum (ETH) can now register their addresses with the upcoming MMX .luxe domain, providing a more user-friendly means of accessing blockchain- services and resources based on smart contract and decentralized applications.

Nick Johnson & # 39; s Remark

The main developer of Ethereum Network Service – Nick Johnson, said he was very enthusiastic about helping the advanced integration between ENS and DNS-based name service, improving the # 39; usability for users and blockchain applications.

He also said that the "natively blockchain enabled" .luxe domain will provide more domain choices for users of Ethereum. He added that the collaboration improves integration between blockchain technologies and the legacy Domain Name System ETH.

The Mind + Machines group has not yet launched .luxe, they want to have a limited registration period in October for users of Ethereum Network Services to claim their .luxe names. The company plans to offer domain names to the public by the end of October.

Ethereum (ETH) Price today – BTC / USD

At the time of writing, Ethereum (ETH) is changing hands to $ 406 after a decrease of more than 2 percent in the last twenty-four hours. The current market capitalization of the digital currency is equal to 41.11 billion dollars and its trading volume in the last 24 hours is equal to 1.53 billion dollars.

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