Ethereum (ETH) The lowest tariffs claimed on the decentralized platform, including Vitalik Buterin on the status of Ethereum


The team behind Blockonix, a decentralized exchange, has set a very important goal in front of them. Crypto-verse domination of the market with a very interesting topic: have the lowest taxes. The company promises that the platform will have a high quality in terms of user-friendly and very low rates if its native token is used.

Ethereum Trading Exchange

The company has made public that if the user during trading is not using the native exchange token, the commission will be equal to 1%. If you choose to use it, it will be 0.03 percent. In this way the team wants to bring a very convenient environment compared to other popular platforms.

This platform is focused on trading digital tokens based on Ethereum and Ethereum and has global reach. According to the team, the company is promoting a new wave of payments and futuristic apps that will help customers. The exchange is completely decentralized and does not store any of the assets of its customers.

One way of doing things, makes Blockconix stand out from other decentralized platforms. Individuals behind the exchange do not earn from the platform. Rates that are collected from use are set to purchase BDT tokens and burn. Taking it to another level, if you want to list a token in the decentralized exchange, you have to pay a start-up fee of 5 ETH. These are also burned with BDT tokens. So money is not raising the energy for the good team behind Blockonix but for the crypto-verse.

Ethereum Co-Founder

Vitalik Buterin – the respected model and for many many to conduct a crypto-like project like that of Ethereum has added his opinion on various topics related to the platform, decentralization and the latest improvements blockchain. The sharing of thought took place during and the event in San Francisco, hosted by Blockchain in Berkeley.

When asked what the mind behind Ethereum is working at the moment, he answered with his hands full of PoS and Sharding protocols.

"Recently, I spend a lot of time working on stake testing and sharding protocols, which is what the Ethereum research community focuses more than anything else at this point. the downsizing is both very important and there has been a lot of progress in improving the algorithms and the development of multiple limitations in the last two months, Buterin told me, I also looked at the economic analysis of transaction fees and how you can improve transaction commission algorithms to substantially reduce tariffs and make protocol alignment centers better and more efficient – these are the main things I've worked on alone. "

When talking about Casper Protocol, he talked a lot well and full of enthusiasm, adding that it is really making progress.

"I think there were a lot of state channel frameworks that came out recently.The Casper protocol is getting a lot closer to being finalized at this point.It is only awaiting review on the academic analysis , "

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