Ethereum (ETH) Technical analysis: almost finished consolidation, how will it break?


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Ethereum is resting along the $ 400 support when the candles begin to tightly tighten within the breakout area of ​​a nearly eight-month downtrend pattern. It will be difficult to predict what the way the resource will break out of this model in the next week. The market is still recovering from the sudden depreciation of Bitcoin over the last seven days and Ethereum has struggled to maintain bullish support from the beginning of August.

With the US Securities and Exchange Commission will soon decide whether to allow VanEck's Bitcoin ETF or not, the entire cryptographic market is investing cautiously. The outcome of the Commission decision could very well be the creation or breaking of the market in the fourth quarter of this year

Bullish Signals

Looking at the 1D Candles ETH / USD chart you can see that the resource has the potential to unlock the basic support in a bullish way, as it once did. The higher price target for this breakout could be around $ 640 if support can test the new resistance trend line (blue), which links the last two bullish peaks. This movement would represent over 60% of total gain compared to the current price of $ 407.

By immersing yourself closer in price action for 2-hour candles, you can see that momentum is starting to slowly gather behind Ethereum . Candles are starting to rise to the base support region above $ 410, with the resistance of 0.236 Fibonacci above $ 419 as the next test once ETH rejoices further.

This movement will follow the third triangle (green) well in the analysis, since the price starts to lift the support of the 2nd triangle (blue) and begins to reverse.

The indicators in this period are still favoring bullish traders, but bears could easily take it away at this point.

  • MACD has almost returned to the signal line after falling heavily on August 1st.
  • CMF is back on the zero line but has started to overwhelmingly recover in the last three candles.
  • RSI is now traced in the middle of the index channel from the oversold area, as the short-term buying momentum begins to grow.
  • The 25 EMA is still down below the 50 EMA but the gap is shrinking. If the bulls can create something soon, we should have a bullish crossover here.
  • Candles are starting to approach the bearish cloud of Ichimoku with a bullish T / K crossover that is just appearing. This will be a good sign of inversion if the candles are able to break cleanly through this cloud.

Bearish Signals

The descending patterns of the triangle are generally bearish patterns characterized by a selling pressure that progressively decreases any bullish breakout attempt, sending the price action back down into an area basic support every time. LTC / USD is a current example of how these patterns occur once basic support fails.

The ETH is still held in the upper support area of ​​the red region, with further support below $ 390 and below $ 360. [19659004] The resistance of 0.236 fibi to $ 420 is a & # 39; critical area for ETH in progress, if the bulls fail to break it down and the ETH rebounds on this level we are likely to see a decline in these lower support areas (red area). [19659019] Ethereum Price Predictions (ETH)

All price targets are set by the internal support level at the $ 390 mark.

Target 1 Price: Retrospect at the fib level of 0.236 $ 441.67 (ROI 13.25%)

Price Target 2: Retracement at the fib level of 0.382 to $ 492.20 (26.61% ROI)

Price Target 3 : Retracement at the level of fib 0.5 to $ 533.03 (36.67% ROI)

Price Target 4: Retracement at the level of fib 0.618 to $ 573.97 (ROI of 47.15%)

Target 5 price: Retracement at the 0.786 Fiber level to $ 632.01 (62.05% ROI)

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