Ethereum [ETH] running at "full capacity", says developer Parity; Vitalik Buterin is not in agreement


Since the dApp of CryptoKitties has clogged the blockchain of Ethereum [ETH] and has blocked it, the argument to resize the network has become increasingly strong. Furthermore, the network itself is seeing an exodus of value while the ICOs on the platform are selling off the funds raised.

In addition to this, Afri Schoedon, a developer working on the Parity client for Ethereum, recently asked users to "quit" by implementing dApps on Ethereum "since it was running at full capacity.

He continued to ask developers to switch to other chains such as Ethereum Classic [ETC] or POA Network [POA] a sidechain on the Ethereum network.This was because these networks were still high on the capacity of the transactions they could process. for infrastructures like MyCrypto and MetaMask.

A quick look at the block activity shows that Ethereum is actually running at full capacity, with about 68,000 transactions still in service, which is a worrying development for those who have implemented the dApps on blockchain of Ethereum.

  Activities of the blockchain | Source: Block & # 39; tivity

Activities blockchain | Source: Block & # 39; tivity [1 9659007] Vitalik Buterin, one of the creators of the Ethereum blockchain, also offered his opinion. He said:

"They do not agree, most dappled have a lot of room to optimize the gas, and even if you * do not play your game, it increases gas rates and pressures * other * to optimize gas.There is * a lot * of low-value chain spam, and everyone should look at level 2 solutions. "

The gas works as an execution commission of Ethereum for each operation carried out on the network. Its price is usually expressed in Gwei, which translates into about 0.000000001 Ether. This price is decided by miners, who can refuse to process transactions with less than a certain price of gas. The recommended gas prices are currently around 10, far from the price close to 60 Gwei during CryptoKitties.

Buterin continued:

"There are 2 levels without compromise on data availability or vividness requirements, eg the mass validation tx via ZK-SNARKs can reduce costs to <1000 gas per tx if done well It is ~ 500 tx / sec in-chain with all the security guarantees of the chain. "

Other crypto-enthusiasts have accepted the recommendations for the network in place of ETH. The Ekpethedragon user said:

"Codius exists and is independent of currency, so you do not have to use XRP if you do not want to! Why are people so determined to hate what is good for them?"

User Josh, however, was skeptical. He stated:

"It is clear to anyone objectively observing that most of the people heavily invested in Eth were sold on promises and ideas and did not think about execution.The others were deceived, confused, unaware, lazy. , gamblers. "

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