Ethereum (ETH) continues to maintain the distance from Ripple's XRP by market capitalization


5 January 2018 – Ethereum (ETH), the second largest digital currency by market capitalization continues to show strong support from the community for the next hard fork as its value is presented in green for a longer period of time than the other main cryptocurrencies.

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Source: coinmarketcap

The $ 160.00 level to be tested has not been touched by the ETH / USD pair since mid-November, when the violent wave of sales took place during the notorious hashwars.

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Together with Litecoin LTC / USD 10.15% gain, TRON TRX / USD 4.94% – ETH / USD 3.58% is driving the recovery momentum that failed two to three days ago when Bitcoin BTC failed to exceed $ 4000.00.

Its two billion market cap differ with the fast and rival 2018 XRP remains the third largest market for cryptogenic battles to not fall below $ 0.3500.

Ethereum ETH

The Constantinople hard fork is a blockchain upgrade that will implement five enhancement protocols in the Ethereum blockchain. Four are focusing on short-term downsizing, while the other focuses on reducing the emission of Ether from three ETHs to two one-block ETHs. [Read]

According to a video published online by the Ethereum foundation, the ETH apparently the development team has reached a consensus on the implementation of its new proof-of-work (PoW) algorithm.

Martin Holst Swende – top of Security:

"Our current PoW algorithm, Ethash, has some flaws that are currently being targeted, so I'd like to change as soon as possible to give us time to go to the game test."

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