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Ethereum (ETH), Cardano (ADA) and NEO Showcasing Resistance against the Bears

With fast ups and downs across the market, it has reached a difficult state to predict what might happen or happen next. But, for the moment, what is emerging heavily is Ethereum – the third largest by market capitalization.

Ethereum ETH

Undoubtedly, the speech of the week is Ethereum and the way in which his performance is closing dangerously towards Ripple's XRP, just conquered in second place under Bitcoin (BTC). About two weeks after the fateful civil war of the BCH had taken the cryptic market by surprise and launched it from a cliff, Ethereum and most of the coins suffered heavy blows from the bears. However, XRP appeared standing and reached $ 4 billion plus market capitalization in a few days compared to the runner up.

Returning to the present, the world-famous Ethereum remained in the limelight for the past week and is therefore only half a billion from Ripple's RPP. For now to write the pair ETH / USD is one of the few in the green with a gain of 2.70% in the last 24 hours.


source: coinmarketcap

Since the XRP experimented with heavy grinds during the year, many thought that Ethereum was history and now the real game is between the crypto-pioneering Bitcoin BTC and the fast XRP.

However, the following weeks and months could counterbalance the bearish ideas of ETH spread in the cryptic community. Case in point, the updating of Constantinople of the project, the next step in the multi-year plan of Ethereum to integrate Serenity (Proof of Stake, sharding, etc.), is expected to be activated in the next three weeks.

Constantinople, which will cut the emission rate of Ether by 33% and activate short-term scaling solutions, will activate (through a hard fork) the processing of 7,080,000 blocks.

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Also showing the good numbers are Cardano ADA and NEO against the US dollar. The ADA / USD pair reached $ 0.043 with an increase of 3.23% in the last 24 hours, extending the market capitalization gap between this and the IOTA (MIOTA). In addition, NEO is fighting sellers to re-test the main sign of $ 10.00, it is counting 4.35% in the last day.

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