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As the price of Ethereum (ETH) continues to slip, it has become the object of all kinds of speculation, some touching its eventual end. The forecasts of Ethereum go to zero and the rise of other platforms Dapps is now on the agenda. But in reality, Ethereum is going everywhere. If anything, it could rise again to unprecedented levels. Because? Well, ask yourself, why are there so many "Ethereum killers" on the market today?

The reason why most of these projects exist is because they capitalize on the self-critical nature of Ethereum (ETH). Ethereum is one of the few projects that is openly criticized. For example, it is the only project whose key figures admit that there is a serious challenge in finding a balance between achieving scalability and decentralization. Although this may seem like a weak point in Ethereum (ETH), it is actually a strong point, which will see the project find a perfect solution to this problem in the long run. If scalability was so easy to achieve, Ethereum (ETH) is undoubtedly one of the projects that would have made it a long time ago.

After all, it has one of the largest developer networks in the world. With such a quantity of brains and infinite capital, he would surely have achieved it. The fact that they are not there should make you doubt most of the other projects that claim to have reached scalability.

The project is currently working on Sharding as a solution to this problem and, once it is successful, it will undoubtedly be solid and reliable The other project that comes close to Ethereum in terms of transparency is Cardano (ADA) . Even its progress has been slow and would have been widely considered boring, but in the process they have achieved what no other project has, and this is the first verifiable and peer-reviewed test-of-scale algorithm. This is a big problem, which makes Cardano perfectly suitable for the development of large-scale business applications, in a decentralized environment.

In addition to this, Ethereum has a wide range of partnerships through the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance. Such an alliance is not easy to achieve and will play a role in bringing the long-term value of this project back. This is because the most valuable long-term Dapp will be focused on the business, and most of these Dapps will be based on Ethereum, all thanks to EEA.

Another problem that many people tend to ignore when it hits Ethereum is its complete decentralization is a force in itself. With the shaky nature of most blockchain projects, any serious company looking for applications would be very likely to do it on a truly decentralized platform. Really decentralized networks may not move quickly in terms of developments, but they are safe and can be exploited. There is a reason why Bitcoin (BTC), although not the most efficient, is still at the top. It is decentralized and this in itself makes it extremely safe.

As such, current prices of Ethereum (ETH) offer a good entry point for long-term investors. This is the largest decentralized computer in the world and you can be sure it's not going anywhere. Cardano is another highly decentralized project that contains many promises, following its solid roadmap. These are projects that have real value, although at the moment they can not be reflected in their prices.

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